Escort related terms for beginners



Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

When booking a Girlfriend Experience there is a wider range of personal interaction applicable than when meeting a traditional call girl or escort, because the focus is not only on having sex, but on a much more complete intimate experience, which goes beyond the physical, because the high class escort tries to create an authentic intimate feeling, which takes the awareness that it is a paid date to the background. The Girlfriend Experience consists of interactions in the form of personal conversations, offering affection and letting each other enjoy each other's sexuality. A Girlfriend Experience can be a Girlfriend Experience.

Pornstar Experience (PSE) 

When booking the Pornstar Experience, the focus is more on sex, which can even tend to be the kind of sex that is practiced in many regular porn movies, such as many different positions, Deep Throat, A-Level, noise, Dirty Talk, hair pulling, light spanking and sex with toys and/or fun naughty suits.

Kissing (Tongue) 

A tongue kiss, tongue kiss or French kiss is an erotic kiss in which the kisses kiss each other with their mouth open, so that the tongues can touch each other gently. Compared to an ordinary kiss, a tongue kiss is generally much longer expensive, stimulating erogenous zones such as the lips and tongue has an exciting effect. Tongue kissing or tongues is essential for the Girlfriend Experience, but is always subject to personal (oral) hygiene, atmosphere and mutual comfort.

Bisexual vs. Bi-curious 

When your high class escort is bisexual, it means that, besides men, she really does fall in love with women to a greater or lesser extent. Our bisexual high class escorts have had affairs or even relationships with a woman in their private lives and are therefore very adept and driven at pleasing a woman.

When a high class escort is bi-curious, it means you're on men. falls The term bi-curious also implies that the heterosexual person in question has little or no experience with this, but would like to discover this side.

Trio for couples 

Some of our high class escorts have extensive erotic experience with couples. On a date with a couple, our high class escorts usually offer the same service as with a GFE.

Especially couples who want to experience their first trio experience with a lady in their midst, find it pleasant to do so in a ‘controlled’ setting, because a professional high class escort knows better than anyone how to recognize and avoid possible boundaries. in principle, our high class escorts focus mainly on the female client, unless the client explicitly states that she can divide her attention more evenly (or even together with her primarily on the man).

Of course more experienced couples are fans of a trio with a high class escort, because they will need little explanation they also have the guarantee that they will not suddenly get ‘cold feet’. Nevertheless, it is at all times crucial that a couple always make no prior misunderstandings about their expectations and limits.

If you are interested in this service, please inquire (or look at the profiles) to what extent the high class escort of your choice is suitable for this experience.

Trio with two escorts 

For a trio with two high class escorts, the origin lies primarily in experiencing a live ‘girl-on-girl’ show, in which you as a client can be invited to join them. The right chemistry between two high class escorts is a key factor for an ultimate experience, and because our high class escorts are also ‘only’ people, there are better and less appropriate combinations. We therefore advise you on our advice regarding the most suitable duo’.

Golden Shower 

The term Golden Shower stands for pee sex and exists in various forms. It can be about enjoying the pee itself, for example when you see, smell, feel, taste or drink (urophagia) (your own or someone else's) pee. It also includes the act of peeing, for example seeing someone pee or pee over someone (or yourself); also called golden shower For some it is the (need to) stop urinating and the liberating feeling after that that that is exciting. Depending on your preference, the practitioner of puddles can experience this as intimate, dirty, humiliating, naughty or a combination of these feelings. If you are interested in this service, inform (or look at the profiles) which high class escorts are suitable for the experience that you have in mind. Keep in mind that a high class escort for a golden shower can charge a substantial extra fee.

Lingerie Show 

At a lingerie show, a high class escort will bring several extra sets of luxurious, handmade designer lingerie to your date, so that she can dress up at least once an hour in a new, seductive ‘piece of art’. Because our high class escorts invest at least €800 per lingerie set, they are too delicate to wear often and can only be washed by hand, they will ask for an extra fee.

If you are interested in a lingerie show, please inform us about your preferences in terms of type and amount of lingerie so that we can advise you on the best match as possible.

erotic club or party 

An erotic club or party is an occasion where visitors can perform sexual acts with each other; most clubs are equipped for a variety of entertainment; you can go out 'normally'; dance, eat, drink, meet friends, get to know new friends, but also experience eroticism; for some visitors the visit is not purely about sex, but more about going out in an atmosphere of more openness and with more like-minded people when it comes to eroticism and sex; in most clubs the areas where sex is practiced are well separated from the dance, dining, and relaxation areas; in most clubs the areas where sex is practiced are well separated from the areas where it concerns eroticism, eating and relaxation; in most clubs the rooms are well separated.

Role Play 

What role-playing games all have in common is that players imagine an imaginary world, in which they take on certain characters and tell a story as they play. The term 'role-playing game' often refers to fulfilling a certain role in the setting of the game, for example as a naughty applicant or sexy French Maid.

A role-playing game can also be accompanied by a certain outfit or theme suit. Some ladies already have one or more theme suits, but you also have the possibility (with or without discount through us) to order a specific package. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.


This is a sexual preference and a form of sexual expression that, with mutual consent, makes use of physically imposed restrictions, intense nerve impulses and fantasizing about power relations and playing a role of power. The Dutch word (noun and abbreviation) is derived from the English acronym BDSM, which stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadism and Masochism (S&M or S/M), and collectively give an impression of the various components that sadomasochism can contain: bondage and Discipline (S&M or S/M). Together they give an impression of the different components that sadomasochism can contain.

Erotic Massage 

Erotic massage is a massage technique with the aim of arousing or strengthening sexual feelings. Erotic massages are mainly but not exclusively aimed at the erogenous zones of the body to arouse sexual lust. Examples of erotic massage techniques are Nuru and Tantra, but also a prostate massage is an erotic massage technique in which a man can reach an intense orgasm without the penis being touched.

Consult the profile specifications or contact us to find out which of our high class escorts has the best knowledge of your massage wishes.


The term A-Levels stands for anal sex, where the anus and rectum play a role, including the insertion of the erect penis into the anus, but other activities are also performed using fingers, mouth/tongue and aids. If you are interested in this service, ask (or look at the profiles) to what extent the high class escort is suitable for the experience that you have in mind.


Squirting is the phenomenon whereby a woman ejaculates during her orgasm. Such a 'squirting orgasm' occurs only in a minority of women, especially when the G-spot is stimulated for a long time while the woman can fully relax and let go. When a high class escort indicates to be can squirting, it never necessarily means that they're actually shall A patient, subtle and sensual bed partner who knows what he or she is doing is at least as important an ingredient in letting a woman squirt.

Pay attention to the profile specifications of our high class escorts if you're interested in a high class escort who has the ability to squirt, or would like to learn from her how to let your (future) partner squirt.

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