High Class Escort Leah

from the Amsterdam area

It may be a little unconventional (or not, what do I know), but I primarily decided to step into this business because I’m genuinely fascinated by people and all their individual facets and quirks. I just love figuring out what rocks someone's boat. In general as well as erotically... All these different and unique personalities our human race has to offer are just mesmerising to me, and I love to explore them further…

Love, Leah
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about Leah

Let’s not fall into cliché analogies of exotic beauties with chocolate skin. High class escort companion Leah is much more than just that. A truly sophisticated and career driven office babe, working on and with prominent brands by day, only to secretly morph into an undercover high class escort companion by night... After some extensive research and contemplating for quite a while, Leah thought to herself: "Oh well, why not? Let's just give it a go".

So, here she is, in full effect, and we’re proud to have such a competent member on our team since 2017. This beauty with brains is strikingly easy going, energetic, open minded, and is a big fan of erotic creativity. On top of that, high class escort Leah is a lingerie-o-holic, with an impressive collection of exquisite, top notch designer lingerie…






  • Marketing
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • Psychology, design & economics
  • French, Italian and Mexican cuisine. But I also love a good steak, Chateaubriand with Foie Gras & lobster pasta.
  • Wine; Champagne; Juices & Smoothies
  • Santal 33 from Le Labo
  • Occasionally, but can be smoke-free on request
  • Lingerie, a purse or perfume
  • No allergies


As Leah is in the office pretty much every weekday, she’s generally available during evenings. Spontaneous dates are generally tricky for her, so we recommend to give us at least two days notice of your intention to meet her. With that said, Leah generally is significantly more flexible on weekends.


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