High Class Escort Mia

from the Amsterdam area

Having grown up in a well-connected household and protected environment, there was a point where I couldn’t help but give in to my adventurous (and admittedly perhaps also slightly rebellious) side and spread my wings. I simply fell in love with Amsterdam -and its people- and it was really heart warming how I was welcomed back with open arms by everyone, including (or perhaps I should say especially) by Nancy & Les from Secret Agents. I can’t wait to get back in touch with Holland’s naughty side…

Love, Mia
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about Mia

As some of our regular clients may remember, Scandinavian high class escort student Mia has been a Secret Agent back in the school year of 2016~2017. She was our first exception in the sense that she was the only non-Dutch native we welcomed aboard, and guess what: she still is. Mia went back home after her exchange year was over, but had fallen so deeply in love with Amsterdam in the meantime that she made arrangements to continue studying here instead. So against everybody’s expectations and to our great surprise: here she is again! A little more grown up, a little wiser, but still cute and naughty as ever.

For those who haven’t met Mia yet: that’s okay, you’re getting a second chance now. A second chance to get to know a petite blonde university student with an open, playful mind between the sheets and some pretty good striptease and lap dancing skills to go with that! Being brought up in a well-connected household and protected environment, Mia is a typical ‘good girl temporarily gone bad’ phenomenon. Being both kind and gentle yet naughty and playful, Mia consists of some interesting contrasts which makes her all the more interesting. And above all: Mia is one of the purest, most genuine escorts you’ll ever encounter.






  • Student
  • Speaks English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • TBA
  • Italian, French, Greek
  • Wine, Champagne, Cocktails, Juices & Smoothies
  • Versace & Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Non-smoker; Accepts smokers
  • Lingerie or a bottle of my favourite champagne
  • No allergies


Mia is a student and therefore has a varying but relatively flexible schedule (with the exception of midterms etc). This means that Mia generally is available for same day bookings, although this can't be guaranteed.

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