Hi there, my name is Les and together with Nancy I’m the co-founder of Secret Agents. My professional background lies in search behaviour analysis, conversion based website optimisation and building international B2B client services teams for Google’s advertisers. And yes, back in the day I also used to be a DJ and producer (well, more of a remixer to be honest).

While I really loved working with Google, I also felt as if I was being lived. Sure, the fact that I would usually come to the office around 10:00 was fine, no questions asked, but only because I would hardly ever stay at work for less than 12 hours, only to continue where I left off as soon as I got home. And during family dinners. And during my vacations. And on the plane to and from my vacations. So yes, you could say I’m a workaholic, but then I met Nancy, and my world changed.

Nancy is a master (or should I say mistress, hmm?) in making things relative and putting them into perspective against the bigger picture. My father drew up WWII, inheriting me with his sense for survival: study, work and build as many financial reserves as possible. From Nancy however, I learned how life isn’t necessarily just about productivity, deep data analysis, prognosis and results. While I spent more and more time with her, I started to learn that business can be combined with pleasure, without getting mixed with it. While she was progressing towards launching her very first high-class escort agency, I noticed her struggling with some essential ingredients, which so happened to fall within the realm of my own expertise. Furthermore, I saw her active hours shifting more towards the night, up to a certain point where she would go to bed by the time I wake up, and vice versa. That’s when I decided: I’m going to give it a shot. I quit my job, and joined forces with this amazing woman I’m so crazy about. Even if it fails, at least I’ve got to spend more time with her, and I know I’ll always be able to go back to my day job.

So, here we are, 4 years later. I’m still not back at my day job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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