Yoni is the most beautiful word for her jewel

Isn't it about time we came up with another name for the female sex organ? Because the three letter word that starts with a k is downright k.

Let's first name what we can interpret with appropriate words, and then we start from what we see when a woman spreads her legs a little.

Yoni and high class escort


The petals of the flower

From her belly down we first see the Venus Hill, a name that comes from the Latin Mons venerisAnd as you know, Venus was the goddess of love. The mound of Venus can be seen as the pedestal that makes the piece of art even more beautiful. At the point where the mound of Venus disappears between the thighs, it splits into two large lips. Exactly. We've done our homework. Those are the large labia.

Sorry to interrupt.

But that's because those labia look like kisses. The inner or small labia that you could call the petals of the flower, she doesn't have to shave for the simple reason that hardly any hair grows on them. And that too has been thought about by the creator. Those labia are so beautiful in shape that pubic hair wouldn't do justice to them. At the point where the small labia meet just below the Venus Hill, they form the protective cap of the sensitive glans of the clitoris.

You hear right. Women have an acorn. An acorn that has eight times more nerve endings and is probably eight times more sensitive than ours. He's just a lot smaller. No, not our acorn. Are you paying attention? We understand it's hard to stick with it, but take an example from us. How do you think it's for us to share this with you? The clitoris is made up of spongy tissue, which is filled with blood when excited.

Miner's lamps and traffic jams

But there is another difference and that is that the clitoris is the only organ in a human being that only exists to give sexual pleasure. And to think that we, men, are always accused of finding sex so important. When she is excited, you only see why she is often compared to a flower. With a little patience, love and moisture she blossoms completely.

And now the key question: how should you call something so breathtakingly beautiful? Pussy? I don't think so. Pussy may be for cuddling, but when you do, you've got a bite of hair in your mouth. Vagina? Not enough. The vagina is the shaft in which two-way traffic applies. Of penises and of babies. Penises and babies are never on the same lane, by the way, and there is a priority rule that penises are always allowed first.

Roughly speaking, the vagina is the tunnel used for love. Ever heard of the song Tunnel Of Love? Exactly. So would you call this a tunnel? I don't think so. When we think of tunnels, we think of miners' lamps and long traffic jams. Come on pussy (named after the Greek fertility goddess Kunthus). You've got dicks and pussies. We don't mind the word dick. After all, a dick is a dick. At least ours looks like one.

Nice in the mouth

But pussy? Everything is pussy these days. You can have a pussy mood. You can hear a pussy plate. You can have eaten pussy (i.e. food). And the predictions for world peace right now are heavy pussy too. There are exceptions. If you say 1 to 1 to her, so without third parties around: 'Your pussy tastes so good', you won't be judged on that. But apart from that, pussy is an outright insult, because again: everything is pussy. And if something is pussy, then it's not good.

The Yoni Tantra is a religious text from Bengal that must have been written somewhere in the 11th century by an even greater lover than we are. In that scripture, the yoni, Sanskrit for the female genitals, is divinely worshipped. About five years ago, Rufus C. Camphausen wrote The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Powera book that we can recommend to you, at least if you're interested in the subject.

Because it's also a name that's nice in the mouth, I decided not so long ago to call it yoni. Yoni, yoni, yoni, if you say it often in a row, there's just music in it...

p.s. And while we're at it: what do you think of the word beffen and of the word cunnilingus? There's a world of difference between those two ugly extremes and yet they mean the same thing. Can we come up with something for that? Tongue nibble? Sweetie nibble? Say it!

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