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Who are we?

Secret Agents is a high class escort agency with a warm and open organizational culture, founded by Nancy and Les: a professional yet cheerful Dutch couple with roots in the legal and internet industry respectively. over the years they have individually built up a broad and versatile network from various layers of society, a large part of which turned out to have something in common: regularly booking exclusive escorts. Nancy and Les quit their well-paid office jobs, and decided to invest their knowledge and experience in a new high class escort service such as she The first step in this process was to ensure the discretion, safety and comfort of the escorts.


Why work with us?

The driving force behind our success is our conviction that the best service can only be provided by people who genuinely enjoy their work to such an extent that it often does not or does not feel like 'work'. This is of course all the more true in erotic services, and that is why it is our mission to look after, monitor and protect the most important ingredient of our company as well as possible: you..

Only when you are on top of your game can you really satisfy our clients. We achieve this not only thanks to our unique payment structure, but also by offering you individual guidance, by carefully matching which client suits you, and by guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind at all times.

Partly because of the increase in media attention and representation in films and series, more and more young and adult ladies are dreaming about the life of a high class escort, not in the first place because of the expected financial benefits (that's more of an extra kick than a primary motive), but especially because of the naughty, sneaky double life, the exciting adventures and intriguing clients are increasingly having a certain attraction on escorts. 

Escort bookings, however, do not come out of the blue - in fact, we cannot or will not accept 80-90% of the requests for various reasons. Many booking requests that we do consider suitable often require days to weeks of preparation, which is where our added value begins, and why we are convinced that we can offer you a very interesting collaboration opportunity: your filter, your personal planner, your negotiator, your administrative assistant, your private driver and, above all, your security guarantee. 

Our clients, consisting of both Dutch and international men and couples, are interesting, well educated, cultivated, respectful and sincerely sociable in their own way, and expect the same in return. In other words: a higher standard than in the regular escort, which creates a win-win situation for both you and for our clients.

During our intake procedure we will tell you all about us, our way of working and the role of a high class escort, so that you are fully aware of the expectations of a high class escort who knows how to represent our core values: discretion, class and seduction. 

When do you qualify?

In addition to the obvious features such as a beautiful/lovely/positive appearance and a classy, stylish and well-groomed appearance, you may be eligible to become a Secret Agent if you do:

– you are between 21 and 40 years old.
– you are free to do whatever you want and are not under any pressure.
You work or study at a minimum HBO level.
– you are in good shape and have a cool skin, without blemishes.
– you possess a significant general cultural level.
– you have excellent social and communication skills.
– you are an empathetic, adventurous and playful personality.
– you have a seductive allure on you.
– you have a healthy, stable basis, both emotionally and financially.
You already have the necessary means to take care of yourself at all times, right down to the last detail.
– you speak civilized Dutch and fluent English (other languages are of course a plus).

If you have all the above qualities and you think it would be nice to have unforgettable mental, romantic and erotic encounters, then we could be a great match...

Read more about our way of working and what our clients are looking for in a high class escort.

Appearance & Inner

It's a certain, indescribable formula of looks, character and style that can make you a Secret Agent. Sex-appeal isn't determined solely by your looks, but by a total picture and the effect that that has on the people around you. You know how to interest and intrigue others - consciously or unconsciously - and you're also genuinely interested in the world and wishes of others yourself. To become a high class escort at Secret Agents, you don't necessarily need relevant experience. In fact, many clients appreciate it the more when an escort doesn't come across as 'professional'. The closer the experience gets to 'real life', the more fun a client experiences the date. Character, style, elegance and a naughty edge are the most important things to start with. The rest comes along as you go, and you get all the advice and guidance you need from us.

working hours & working method

One of the advantages our escorts experience with us is the flexibility to fully determine their own working hours, and the openness in which they can share their other work with us without being convicted of it. in addition to your secret double life as Secret Agent, you simply have a healthy basis in the form of a job or study, so that the escort work remains exciting, diverse and fun. in order to keep the secret of the blacksmith's work secret, our procedures and way of working will be kept in detail.

Standards & Values

Honest professionalism with a personal touch is at the heart of how we do business at Secret Agents: both internally and towards our clients, and transparency, respect and discretion are among the most important values that are offered and expected between us and our clients, as well as internally between all our employees. We like to invest in long-term relationships, and therefore consider it extremely important that you feel at home in our vision, approach and warm culture, and that you are able to identify with them, so that not only the level of service to our clients is guaranteed, but also the working atmosphere among each other.

Want to know more?

If you have a burning question that you would like to have answered before you apply, you are always more than welcome to ask us. Call or mail so that we can answer your first questions.

Would you like to apply?

Because we find application forms a bit impersonal, we find it much better to receive a written motivation from you. We would therefore like to ask you to send an introduction of yourself by e-mail to [email protected]containing the following points:

  • What's your name, age and area of residence?
  • Your motivation - Why do you want to become a high class escort and why do you choose Secret Agents? 
  • Have you ever had experience as a high class escort or are you still completely new to this world?
  • Your measurements (length, chest, waist, hip)
  • Occupation / Degree of study

Of course we also need an impression of your looks and we would like to ask you to send us some recent, representative photos of yourself, not necessarily 'sexy' photos, but lingerie and/or bath clothes photos do increase your chances of getting a complete impression of your face, physique and skin. A social media profile is also allowed, provided that it is publicly provided with the necessary photos. These photos serve purely as an intake, and will not be shared with third parties. Your application will even be exclusive and extremely discreet and will not be shared with third parties. 

After shipment you can expect a response within 7 days, after which we hope that the impression is mutually positive so that we can plan a free introductory meeting with each other! For now we would like to thank you very much for your interest and effort. 

We look forward to your application! 

Warm regards, Nancy & Les

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