Savouring freedom with the Liberator

Special cushions for extra comfortable sex have been on my bucket list for years. Time to tick the box.

Years ago, when I started working for the Dutch Playboy years ago and my team would receive the edition of the next US edition every month, my attention was obviously drawn to the beautiful articles and the enticing photography, but also to some of the interesting advertisements.
One of these advertisements was for two special cushions, a smaller a larger one, which offer a more comfortable position that also can result in a deeper penetration. From the moment one I saw them, I thought to myself: I must have them!

The Liberator allows you to penetrate more deeply
The Liberator Wedge's portable size allows you to easily bring it along to your hotel

Go over the entire Kamasutra

Oddly, in the years that followed, I've never actually managed to make the Liberator Wedge and Rampmine. It's well overdue to finally change that.
Highlights within the extensive Liberator segment are the compact Wedge and the larger Ramp, which have always maintained their original designs, have been labelled
‘the greatest invention for sex since the bed’ . It's advisable to purchase both, on which you and your counterpart can make your wildest fantasies come true.

I also accidentally stumbled upon another Liberator page which is worth mentioning as well. Their blog offers all kinds of interesting stories and sexual advice, such as this story which could really teach you a thing or two.


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