Are you overwhelmed by all those unknown terms on our website and don't know how to make a booking? Check out our FAQ Are you overwhelmed by all those unknown terms on our website and don't know how to make a booking? Check out our FAQ to get the answers to your first questions. 

As a high class escort agency, we are committed to providing the best possible service and in order to make the most of your appointment, we advise you to contact us at least a few days in advance if possible, this will give us enough time to guide you through the selection process, to discuss the various options, to get to know you better and to anticipate your preferences so that your escort will be the most perfect match possible.

Contrary to popular belief, the type of lady we work with is not at home all day washed, shaved and dressed up waiting for us to contact her for a date, apart from the fact that she is busy with her regular career (and in some cases even volunteering next door as well), she also has a busy private life including friends, family, pets, hobbies, etcetera. Our Secret Agents are therefore in most cases only 1~3 times a week to meet, often taking into account their other planning and obligations.

Having said that, we also understand that the availability of our clients is limited, so we don't just strive to speak to you when it comes to you For the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is unfortunately not always possible when you contact us less than 24~48 hours in advance, although you can always try and be lucky with a planned last-minute booking, the chance that your favourite Secret Agent will indeed be available (or even be able to make himself available) is considerably less than when you try to book a few days in advance.

Unfortunately in both the regular and the high class escort segment there is still a lot of use of fake and/or intensively post-processed photos. At Secret Agents, however, we are very proud of our what-you-see-is-what-you-get As you can see, all our Secret Agents are photographed by one regular photographer in one consistent style at one fixed location. Next, only areas where our high class escorts could be identified are removed.

Furthermore, our photos are usually less than one year old (except for ladies who have not changed in appearance) and we guarantee that our photos accurately reflect the appearance of each escort. In cases of recently changed external features (such as a different hair color or length), we always mention this in advance to avoid surprises if her photos have not yet been updated.


Preferably in euros. If you want to pay in another currency, please let us know in advance.


We accept online payments via iDeal (6% transaction fees), PayPal (10% transaction fees) and Bitcoin.

Credit cards

We accept all conventional credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Due to our placement in an "increased risk group" by our payment providers, all forms of electronic payments to us are subject to 10% transaction fees.

PRIVACY: We exercise strict discretion in our electronic transactions. A neutral reference, which cannot be traced back to Secret Agents, is indicated on the statement. We cannot, of course, disclose these references, as it would overshoot its purpose.

Incoming emails are usually answered within one business day, so if you email us on Friday, it may take until Monday before you receive a reply. In 9 out of 10 cases where a person does not receive an answer within one business day, this is due to an incorrectly entered contact information on one of our web forms. In other rare cases, it is because the e-mail was accidentally marked as spam.

Finally, it is also possible that the tone/nature of your message does not meet our standards, so it is not taken seriously either.

Our lines automatically close outside office hours. However, if you have an appointment that starts or ends outside our office hours, your phone number will be added to a whitelistIncoming calls without caller ID are filtered out by our system, so make sure your caller ID is on.

Pre-booking several hours in advance is always more advantageous than extending your booking, but in many (but not all) cases it is also possible to extend your appointment by one or more hours. If you indicate this within the first hour of your appointment, the same discount applies as if you had booked these extended hours in advance; if you extend after the first hour, the extended hours will be priced as a new booking.

In the unlikely event that your high class escort on arrival does not meet your expectations in terms of appearance, care, or for any reason does not seem suitable for the date you have in mind, you have the option of terminating your appointment prematurely, in which case, in order to qualify for a partial refund, you must notify us within the first 15 minutes of your appointment, whether or not you will be charged one hour's notice, plus any travel costs (which we have already notified you of in advance), and in the event that the first 15 minutes of your appointment has already elapsed, you will be notified of your escort as soon as possible, and if you have not already received a full refund.

Apart from a regular Girlfriend Experience, this varies per Agent. The services of each Agent are listed on their individual profiles under the Services heading.


In addition, our high class escorts have a regular career and a future ahead of them that could be completely disturbed if our shared recognizable photos ever leaked. Therefore, only our existing, trusted clients with a positive reputation (our so-called Insiders) the privilege to see a recognizable face picture on request of certain high class escorts if she gives us permission to do so.

1. Introduce yourself properly

In addition to your name, please include your age (category), region of residence, interests/affinities, educational and/or professional background, notable physical characteristics, personality type (introverted/submissive/self-assured/superior) and any additional details about yourself that might be useful for your escort to know in advance when they first meet you. since some Secret Agents do not drink alcohol and/or smoke (in their own time), it is also advisable to indicate whether you are a smoker and/or intend to join her in an alcoholic beverage.

2. Describe your perfect date and the type of lady you like

Do you prefer a studentless bookworm, the sober but naughty neighborhood girl, or perhaps a glamour model? Do you have certain preferences regarding clothing, lingerie, shoes and / or care that we can pass on to her? Are you looking for a lady who can go intellectually deep, or do you prefer someone who is more straightforward and light? The more complete the image we have of your ideal date, the better we can advise you.

3. Which Secret Agent drew your attention immediately?

We hope you've taken the time to go through our escort profiles and found someone you absolutely love. Who is she, and why?

4. Try to suggest your ideal date and describe it (if applicable)

What kind of experience are you looking for? What services / actions are important to you? Where would you like to invite your date? What is the setting / scenario of your date? What time would you like it to arrive, and how many hours would you like it to remain minimal?

5. Where and when do you want this to happen?

Where do you want to receive her? How long do you want her to stay (minimum)? What would be your ideal time of arrival?

In the high class escort segment you do not pay for the action or "by highlight", but for the time and attention an escort invests in you from the moment she starts preparing at home, travels to you and spends on you during the date until the last minute of your booked appointment duration. However, we understand that you have certain expectations that go a little bit further than just 'showing up'.

Because both we and our escorts attach great importance to recurring That said, provided you are a nice, respectful, hygienic and well-groomed gentleman, you can expect everything that can generally be regarded as part of a Girlfriend Experience. This includes (tongue) kissing, mutual oral satisfaction and regular sexual intercourse.

Anything requiring above-average preparation (e.g. packing a suitcase full of certain items), increased health risks (e.g. PZC) and/or increased work intensity (e.g. BDSM) are subject to your escort's agreement, and may be subject to an additional fee (in most cases, €50-100 per date). 

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please inform us in advance of any additional actions you may be interested in.


A high class escort will not be commissionedbut recordedThe difference in definition of these two terms directly reflects the fact that some time and effort has to be invested in order to achieve a successful date. We therefore ask you to take this into account if you intend to meet one or more of our high class escorts.

You are more than welcome to contact us through all the channels listed on our contact page, where our response time is also specified per channel.

NB: When you book with us for the first time, we are required to have spoken to you by telephone at least once before we can welcome you as our new client. So it is as a new client not Messages such as "Who is available?" or "May I see pictures of ..." are automatically marked as spam and filtered out by our systems.

In order to guarantee the safety of our high class escorts, we always carry out various integrity checks on our new clients and on the basis of this information we can get a better idea of the type of person you are, so we can better assess what type of escort will best suit you, so that your escort can go to you with peace of mind, and you can assure yourself of a successful, comfortable date, so it is essential for us as well as for your own benefit to be as open and honest as possible in communicating to us who we are dealing with. If you are not willing to share the information we have requested about yourself with us, we are unfortunately not the right agency for you. 

NB: It's not for nothing that we're called Secret Agents, so discretion and privacy is at the top of our priority list. We don't store privacy-sensitive client data, and certainly don't pass it on to third parties (not even to your escort). Furthermore, we don't use cloud services and - with the exception of regular email and SMS - we use encrypted platforms when sending and receiving client-related and booking-related data.

Not everyone can just be an Insider, look at our Insiders page if you could qualify for this.


The more thoroughly and accurately you inform us of your wishes in advance (see the paragraph above), the more certain we can be of excluding unexpected extra costs.


We just ask this question here so you don't have to ask it yourself anymore, because if you did, we wouldn't consider you as a 'high class client' anymore, so you wouldn't be eligible for a date with one of our high class escorts anymore. We work with ladies Negotiating on a high class escort is considered an insult by her.


As usual with any high class escort service, there is an absolute minimum appointment duration of 2 hours. However, if your escort has a several travel time of one hour or more (i.e. 2 hours total travel), there is a minimum appointment duration of its total travel time +1 hour.

Yes, it is! Well, it is still necessary to during our office hours ignition with us for making your appointment.

No. The #1 golden rule in our industry is that it is strictly forbidden to exchange private data. Our escorts choose to be represented exclusively by our agency, instead of working independently, for a variety of reasons. If you ask her to exchange private data, you put her in such an uncomfortable position that it can also have a negative impact on the atmosphere and even result in a premature end to your appointment without a refund. In addition, you run the risk that your escort will report this to us, so that we will no longer be able to serve you in the future, and will be forced to put you on a blacklist that will be used and updated by various industry peers.

In most cases this is not necessary. In some cases, a deposit may be advised or even required to guarantee your reservation, such as:

-When you want to make a booking more than 2 weeks in the future

-When you book with us for the first time, and your escort has to travel an hour or more

-If we don't know you yet and can't find enough verifiable background information about you

-If we have multiple requests for the same escort on the same day

Payments can be made electronically or in cash by sending them in a registered envelope. to our office send.#081235

I'm mustet cancel my booking

Fortunately, cancellations that reach us up to 48 hours before an appointment is made are free of charge. Prepaid reservations can then be eligible for a refund minus the transaction costs of our payment provider. Alternatively, you can also choose to leave your deposit with us and use it for your next booking. Saves again!

For cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance, 50% of the total amount of cancellation fees will be charged. This amount will be 100% awarded to your escort to compensate her for the time she has reserved for you and for other requests that have already been rejected because of the booking in question.


What if my escort cancels our appointment?

At the end of the day, however, we are all human beings and sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise; in the event that your escort cancels within 24 hours of your appointment, we will discuss with you whether one of her colleague escorts is eligible to come to you on her behalf; in the event that none of her colleagues addresses you in such a way as to make the appointment, it goes without saying that your reservation will be cancelled free of charge; if you have already made a down payment, you will be eligible for a full refund.

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