The Clitoris Book is just as suitable for men

Two Frenchwomen wrote a book about the clitoris. For women. At least you'd think so.

Nature has this habit of constantly being in motion. Spring brings leaves to trees, which descend back to earth in Autumn. After that, the trees start making new buds which will morph into leaves again that following Spring.

The link between the clitoria ternatea and the clitoris
Clitoria Ternatea. Also known as "The Clitoria Flower"

With the woman, the bud comes out of the leaves

Even when you're making love, nature is in motion. But something special happens to women. With her, the bud doesn't come out of the leaves. A bud that gets bigger and bigger and more sensitive, a bud to wink at and to give soft kisses.


The pleasure of the man

If a man had had a clitoris, he would have known it. Every time he touched it, he would have shouted from the rooftops that he owned one. Françaises Alexandra Hubin and Caroline Michel, who wrote the captivating and humorous The Clitoris Book, also recognize that: 'If men had a clitoris, it would have been studied and measured infinitely. Contests would have been held, drawings would have appeared on the walls of schools, attractive mails would have been distributed with techniques for enlarging her and with advertisements for magical pills to make her stiff again when impotent'.

And a passage before that: 'Acknowledging the existence of an organ solely for the pleasure of the woman (other functions have not been found) is quite something in a world where sexuality has long been about penetration and the pleasure of the man'.

International High Class Escort Service
The Clitoris book - Certainly not only instructive and entertaining for women...

A neglected role

It's obvious. The Clitoris book is written by and for women, but that doesn't take away the fact that men don't like it. On the contrary. The history of this delicious female organ is interesting, in which for years the clitoris played a subordinate role and in which Freud was wrong for the umpteenth time. From the book: 'Freud states that women who ejaculate thanks to the clitoris are not only immature, but even neurotic. They talk about the clitoris again, but it happens in a negative way. According to the famous psychoanalyst, the clitoral orgasm is less than the vaginal one'.
From the man who prescribed cocaine as a medicine you can't expect anything else, of course.


The tip of the iceberg

Even though there is no vaginal orgasm at all. We don't know exactly how big the clitoris is,' Alexandra and Caroline write, 'but we do know that one centimetre more or less is not important for our understanding of her anatomy and her role in pleasure. What matters to us first of all is to make us realise that the clitoris, at least what is usually understood by it, is only the tip of the iceberg'.

Because it is a book for women, it contains no tips for men to stimulate the clitoris, but the knowledge that the jewel under the skin is about nine to eleven centimetres in size, wraps itself almost around the vagina, and is therefore stimulated during penetration, and is more sensitive than the glans (doucement, monsieurs!) gives enough material to be creative.

A wonderful book.

NB: Lori Malépart-Traversy, the book's illustrator, previously published this award-winning short animated film, Le Clitoris.

The Clitoris Book - Published by Nieuw Amsterdam

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