Terms of Service

Important to know before booking your high end escort

  • Welcome to our terms of service

    By confirming an appointment with one of our high class escorts, you agree to the following Terms of Service. Please make sure you have carefully read these before confirming a booking, in order to avoid any unwanted surprises, disappointments or conflicts. In case you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • Introduction

    The following terms and conditions apply to the use of this website and all services provided by Secret Agents.

    By using this website or any of our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with (part of) the terms and conditions, we ask you to make use of another regular or high class escort agency. Secret Agents reserves the right at any time to modify and/or replace these terms.

    By confirming a booking through this website’s various contact forms, by telephone, email or any of Secret Agents’ or The Agencies’ instant messaging or social media channels, an agreement is established between the Contractor (Secret Agents) and the Client (client; you), to which these terms and conditions apply. The services offered on this website are performed by high class escorts who are legally represented by the Contractor.

    Secret Agents is a legal, licensed and registered high class escort agency, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under #68055366. Secret Agents has a license to operate a high class escort service under permit number #LDNESC182590.

    Our services are taxed with 21% VAT. Our VAT number is NL857283054B01.

    We recommend that you always check the aforementioned details before contacting any company related to adult entertainment industry. When an escort agency can’t or won’t provide such data, you’re most probably dealing with an illegal exploiter. Going into business with such an exploiter can not only have serious consequences for the organization itself, but also for its employees and for you as their customer. You will be considered an accomplice in a sexual offense.

  • Age Requirements

    We exclusively work with adult high class escorts, who legally live and work in the Netherlands. We do not actively scout or recruit, and don’t work with escorts who we feel are under any kind of pressure of financial circumstances and/or third parties.

    To make use of our services, we apply a minimum age of 21 years to our clients. When in doubt, we or your booked high class escort may ask for your identification. If you are unable to verify you age, your reservation may be immediately terminated. In this case, the amount for the minimum applicable booking duration of your booking will be charged as a reimbursement for the generated expenses, and for the time which your escort has invested in freeing up her schedule, preparing herself, and traveling to your location.

  • Rates

    The rates on our website include 21% VAT and travel expenses within your escort’s area of residence, up to a travel time of 15 minutes. For destinations which require a longer travel time, a small travel surcharge applies as stated on our Pricing page. Our rates are non-negotiable and non-refundable, unless your selected high class escort turns out not to resemble her photos as displayed on our website. Instead of asking for (extra) discounts, we advise you to turn to an alternative agency that is better suited to your budget. The reduced rates listed on our website are only applicable if you commit to book 3 or more hours upfront, or extended within the first hour of your appointment.

  • Payment

    You are required to complete the payment of the agreed amount in advance or directly at your high class escort’s arrival. Apart from cash payments, we provide various common electronic and online payment options. We accept all major European PIN / debit cards, VISA, MasterCard and American Express, as well as iDeal, Sofort, Mister Cash, PayPal and BitCoin. Any payment method other than cash is subjected to a 5% transaction fee.

    If you pay with a foreign currency, we will apply the daily exchange rate, plus additional bank and exchange charges. Paying in a foreign currency is only possible if you indicate this in advance. It’s always possible to pay by bank transfer in advance, provided that your payment reaches our account before the actual booking. Dutch bank transfers can take up to 2 working days. Transfers from an ING account are instantly processed. Post-payments aren’t possible for private individuals.

    In the event that a failed payment occurs (for example with a cancelled electronic payment, or a payment with counterfeit money) we may seek assistance from third parties to collect any remaining unpaid funds. Any additional costs will be accounted to you, and your privacy may be breached, as we may provide any assisting debt collection agency with your personal and reservation details.

  • Client Acceptance

    Secret Agents does not discriminate on nationality, race or religion, and anyone who is eligible for adult services is welcome to use our services.

    You are required to disclose upfront how many people are present at the location where your booking will take place. If your high class escort unexpectedly finds more people upon arrival than indicated, the booking may be canceled immediately if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to stay. In this case, the amount for the minimum applicable booking duration plus any travel expenses as well as any other related expenses will be charged.

    If your high class escort refuses to stay at your location because of lack of hygiene, an unsuitable location, or poor behavior or attitude, your reservation will be terminated immediately. In this case, the amount for the minimum applicable booking duration plus any travel expenses as well as any other related expenses will be charged.

    The Agencies B.V. and its subsidiaries including Secret Agents, its directors and its employees reserve the right to refuse any customer at any time without notice or provocation, for any reason whatsoever. Possible reasons can consist of unsuitable behavior, intoxication, an unfit location, poor hygiene or lack of sanitary facilities, or lack of availability.

  • Location Acceptance

    Secret Agents refrains from all responsibility of establishing a successful booking on case you do not receive your escort in one of the following accommodations:

    • your own home, in a clean and tidy state and not in the presence of other, unannounced individuals
    • a room intended for a minimum of 2 persons in a hotel which has been accredited at least 4 stars (a copy of the hotel’s reservation confirmation is required, anonymized if preferred)
    • an AirBnB / short-stay apartment with non-shared rooms / areas and intended for a minimum of 2 persons (non-anonymous copy of the accommodation’s reservation confirmation required)
    • a yacht in a central / urban marina (unauthorized sailing with our escort on board is not allowed)
    • a public gastronomy establishment reserved or approved by Secret Agents

    In case your booking ends prematurely or gets cancelled upon your escort’s arrival due to non-compliance with the criteria stated above, you’re still obligated to pay the reimbursement for the amount applicable to the minimum required booking duration, plus any travel costs.

  • Safe Sex

    Our high class escorts practice safe sex exclusively, and are required to undergo mandatory health tests at least every 3 months. Any form of sexual intercourse should be practiced with a condom. Any less protected forms of sexual acts, other than intercourse, are strongly advised against, especially with individuals who work in the adult industry. Neither Secret Agents nor any other entity belonging to The Agencies B.V. can be held responsible for any health damages that have occurred as a result of unprotected sexual acts with any of our high class escorts.

    In all forms of sex, your high class escort will decide what she allows and what not. These decisions are not open for discussion or negotiation. Do not ask or offer our high class escort extra financial compensations for unprotected sex, as this may result in an uneasy atmosphere. Repeatedly asking for any form of unsafe sexual intercourse may result in immediate termination of your appointment without the possibility of a refund, as well as an entry on various client black lists shared with other agencies and independent escorts.

  • Companionship Only

    In addition to regular high class escort appointments including possible intimacy, most of our high class escorts are also available for companionship-only bookings at a reduced rate, which you can book at the minimum of four hours. Intimacy in any form is excluded during a companionship only date. Except for a civilized gesture, it is not permitted to kiss or intimately touch your high class escort during such meetings. For one night or several days Companionship Only bookings, you must provide your high class escort with a private ,separate sleeping area. Should you wish to have any intimate interaction with your high class escort, the regular high class escort rate will immediately come into effect, provided your high class escort agrees to this intimacy.

  • Travel

    Our high class escorts are located in various cities in the Netherlands (throughout the country, yet mainly in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Breda, Eindhoven and Utrecht areas. However, they are free to travel anywhere, provided that the booking duration at least equals your high class escort’s total travel duration. Reservations for bookings to most European cities require a booking duration of at least 2 days. Other cities around the world require a minimum booking period of 4 days. The booking starts when your high class escort arrives and ends when she leaves your location. International bookings must be requested at least 24 (European destinations) to 48 to (intercontinental destinations) hours in advance. Longer notice is desirable and advisable. Our high class escorts only travel to safe locations, where they can remain contactable at all times. All international bookings require a deposit of at least 50% of the booking amount and 100% of the travel costs. Please note that 21% VAT applies to all costs that fall outside the regular high class escort rate.

    Transportation for bookings outside the Netherlands

    If your destination can be reached within 5 hours by train or car, your high class escort will travel by train in first class or a luxury car. Destinations where a flight is required, our high class escorts will travel economy class for flights up to 4 hours. With flights from 4 to 6 hours she will travel in economy plus (if available) or other business class. Flights of 6 hours or more will always be travelled in business class. Our high class escorts will never be independent to travel abroad. You will have the option to either travel together with your high class escort to your destination, or choosing to leave your high class escort traveling accompanied by one of our security guards. The traveling costs of the security guard will be for your own account.

    Additional requirements for bookings of longer duration

    You are considered to behave like a gentleman at all times, and offer a pleasant stay.

    Among other things this means you will give your high class escort at least six hours sleep a night. When booking 24 hours or more, the escort will take approximately 2 hours per day to spend private, for example for personal care, and maintaining contact with their home / work / study.

    Your high class escort is requested to call our office every day, where you are expected her to offer this option in privacy. Your high class escortmust be accessible at all times, have regular access to the internet and be provided with at least three meals a day at your expense.

  • Punctuality

    The vast majority of our high class escort models apply a minimum booking duration of 2 hours for appointments within the area if their own residence. Longer travel distances may lead to a longer minimum booking duration, as stated on our Rates & Payments page. If a particular high class escort applies a longer minimum booking duration within her own area of residence, this will be stated on our website.

    We take responsibility in assuring our high class escort’s ‘ punctuality, and will always do everything in our power to have them arrive on time. However, it may occasionally occur that your high class escort arrives a little later than scheduled, due to unforeseen external circumstances. We understand that your patience is not unlimited, and therefore you have the option to cancel your appointment free of charge in case your high class escort arrives >30 minutes later than the agreed time, except in the case of last-minute bookings made less than 2 hours in advance.

    If you are delayed yourself, please inform us as soon as possible. If your high class escort hasn’t started traveling to your location yet, she will wait for an update from us. However, if the high class escort is already on her way to your location, or has already arrived, a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes after the initial starting time will apply, at no additional cost. In case your high class escort has to wait for more than 15 minutes, any additional waiting time will be deducted from your booking duration.

  • Cancellations

    Same-day bookings may be cancelled free of charge until 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time of your selected high class escort.

    Bookings placed 3-13 days in advance may be canceled free of charge up to 2 days before your scheduled booking. In case we receive a conflicting booking request from another client, you will be offered the option of pre-paying a deposit of €100 in order to secure your reservation, which will be refunded if canceled >2 days before your scheduled booking.

    Bookings placed 14 days or longer in advance require a deposit of €200 to be secured and may be canceled free of charge up to 5 days before the scheduled booking, in which case your deposit will be refunded.

    In case you cancel your booking on shorter notice than stated above, pre-paid deposits go straight to your canceled escort as a compensation for her lost booking opportunity and preparation efforts, and therefore cannot be refunded.

    In case you cancel your booking after your high class escort has already started traveling to your location, you are obligated to fulfill the payment for the total amount of your canceled booking.

    In cases where you’re obligated to fulfill payment as a result of breaching our cancellation policy, but no deposit was made, we will enforce collection of the due amount, and may outsource this collection to 3rd parties.

    In case of the unlikely event where your high class escort turns out not to be what you expected due to poor presentation by the Provider in terms of character or appearance, or turns out not to be suitable for the occasion of your booking, there is a possibility to terminate your appointment prematurely. In order to be eligible to do so, you are required to notify us within the first 15 minutes of your booking. In this case, only your high class escort’s travel expenses starting at €50 will be charged. If the first 15 minutes of your appointment have already passed, you already touched or stripped your high class escort, she refuses the appointment due to your lack in hygiene, an inappropriate location, behavior or attitude, or if your booking takes place abroad, it is not possible for you to prematurely terminate your appointment. In this case you will be asked to pay for the time you reserved or the minimum booking time, which may be dependent on your high class escort’s travel time. These costs will be charged for the cancelled escort’s time, preparation, holding off other booking requests and traveling time to your location.

    If you have an international booking, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance, we will try to get a refund for all costs incurred (e.g. airline tickets). If this is not possible, these costs will be paid from your prepayment. When an international reservation between 24 and 48 hours before the day of your high class escort’s departure is cancelled, the cancellation fee will be 20 % of the total booking amount. These costs are paid from your prepayment. A possible balance of your payment will be used as credit for your next appointment. Prepayments will not be refunded. Your credit amount is valid for a maximum period of six months, after which they will expire.
    If you are not satisfied with your high class escort, and ask to see another high class escort, this is only possible once. If the second high class escort also does not seem to be fit for you, we cannot help you. If you accepted your high class escort, paid her for her services and proceeded with the appointment, without contacting our office us at the beginning, during or after the appointment, we cannot make a compensation due to any complaints.

    In the unexpected and unforeseen event that your high class escort must cancel or interrupt your date for personal reasons such as illness, sudden urgent family circumstances or other unforeseen reasons, the outstanding amount (if the situation occurs during a longer date) or a mutually agreed amount will be refunded. We will, if available, provide an alternative high class escort. Neither Secret Agents nor any entity belonging to The Agencies B.V. shall be liable for any damages or costs resulting from such a cancellation. We offer our sincere apologies for any unsatisfying situations, and will take appropriate action to prevent this from happening again.

  • Substance Use

    Most of our high class escorts are light social drinkers. They do not accept large amounts of alcohol, and should not be persuaded in taking any. Generally spoken, our high class escorts should not be expected to drink more alcohol than legally allowed when driving.

    It is also prohibited to offer our high class escorts any form of illegal drugs, or to ask them to bring drugs to your appointment. In case your high class escort feels uncomfortable or unsafe related to any substance use of your own, we have the right to terminate the booking immediately without the possibility of a refund.

  • Privacy

    Discretion can make or break our existence, and therefore is at least as important to us as it is to you. In order to maximize the security of keeping your information private and secure, Secret Agents and all other entities of The Agenies B.V. do not use any third party platforms or infrastructures such as those offered by Apple, Google Microsoft or Dropbox to store or process information about their clients, but have invested in building own, self-managed and heavily encrypted systems, databases and platforms instead. Any personal information you share with us with is treated strictly confidential and will only serve the purpose of verifying the sincerity of your intentions as well as our high class escort’s comfort and safety.

    An exception to the above may apply if you place a booking with false personal information, behave inappropriate towards your booked escort with regards to persuwing unsafe sex, are aggressive / violent towards your booked escort, force your escort upon te use of drugs or any other illegal substances, and/or without showing up upon your booked high class escort’s arrival. We reserve the right in such cases to submit your data to both open and closed databases, blacklists and other platforms related to untrustworthy escort clients and individuals who falsely pose as clients. In addition, any of these ‘fake clients’ that have caused us and/or our high class escort any financial damage will be tracked down until found, and face appropriate consequences. As third parties may become involved in this process, your anonymity and privacy may be compromised.

    The privacy and discretion of our high class escorts should always be honored. It’s strictly forbidden to ask your high class escort to share any personal information, such as her real name, social media profile(s), phone number(s) or any other private contact details. Undermining this condition may result in appropriate consequences as stated above, through which your own privacy may be breached.

  • Safety

    The safety of our high class escort companions is our highest priority. Secret Agents shall take every precaution to protect our high class escort and secure her from all forms of danger, harm and health risks. Anyone who makes an attempt to threaten, rob or injure any of our high class escorts will be reported to the police, blacklisted and prosecuted.