Our partnership with The Men’s Company

The portfolio of Secret Diamonds, the high-class agency that we acquired a year ago, also contained a number of male escorts, or: gigolos. Because we wanted to keep our focus on our core business, female high-class escorts, we had put the gentlemen in the fridge for a while, but because the rumour was spreading among the (aspiring) gigolos and clients, more and more questions started to come to us.

Due to the large market differences between female and male escorts, we have decided to focus on our specialization: female With that in mind, we have entered into a partnership with the high class gigolo agency of the Netherlands with whom several successful bookings have already been made. If you want to ensure yourself of an attractive, professional and stylish escort gentleman, we warmly recommend you our partner: international high class gigolo service. The Men's CompanyYou can book your combination in its entirety either by us or by The Men's Company to keep you one central point of contact.

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