Secret Agents exclusively works with part-time, undercover high class escort companions who occasionally break away from their regular careers and daily routines by paying exciting visits to our clients. In an average week, they usually have 2 to 4 days on which they could free up some time for an enticing date. However, they usually only manage to actually confirmone or two appointments per week. With that said, the demand for some escorts can add up to several requests per day. Especially for those escorts who are available less often, the demand vs. supply ratio can diverge quite a bit.

With the above taken into account, rates vary per high class escort companion.

Where do I find your rates?

To view the rates of a particular high class escort companion, simply toggle the switch above her 'About' section:

High class escort service agency Europe rates



In most cases, you can book a high class escort for at least 2 hours at an hourly rate of €300 to €400 per hour With that said, in certain situations or periods, a minimum spend of 3 hours may apply. As usual, committing to longer appointments in advance results in a considerably lower hourly rate than when you decide to extend during your appointment.

As both we and our high class escorts especially appreciate recurring clients, we consider creating and fulfilling the right expectations and agreements to be of utmost importance. Therefore, all the details concerning hourly rates, minimum spend and any expected additional charges are transparently and accurately specified on their individual profiles. That way, no one has to face any surprises (apart from the good ones).


For those who find it difficult to decide for themselves how they'd like compose their high class escort experience, we've bundled the most popular bookings into bite-sized packages. These so-called Pleasure Packs have a number of advantages and conditions at a fixed, slightly reduced rate, and are therefore non-adjustable or extendable. As with the rates for regular dates, the Pleasure Pack rates differ per escort, which we have specified on their individual profiles as well. 


In addition to regular high class escort dates that include intimacy, most of our high class escorts are also available for bookings that consist of casual company only. During Companionship Only hours, both of you remain fully clothed and no intimate physical contact is exchanged, with the exception of the occasional friendly kiss on the cheek or cuddle. The minimum spend for Companionship Only is 4 hours, but may be longer for some high class escorts depending on various factors. The conditions and rates for Companionship Only vary per high class escort, and are specified on their individual profiles profiles as well.


The aforementioned rates referred apply to a so-called Girlfriend ExperienceThis includes the course and intimacies one may reasonably expect during a date in "real life" (please refer to our FAQas well). In case you have a specific request that may fall beyond the scope of a Girlfriend Experience your escort may request an extra fee. As long as you specify any of these additional requests in advance, we will always advise you upfront about the extra fee(s) to take into account. This way, we ensure to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Also for extra services, each high class escort applies her own surcharges, which you can find on her profile individually.


If your date takes place within your escort's residential area (<15 minutes travel time*), no additional travel costs apply. Fortunately, the Benelux relatively small and our high class escort companions find it no problem to travel beyond their own area, provided their earnings are on par with the total travel time* they invest in your date. For each escort, her area of residence is specified on her profile, so you can make an approximate estimate of the travel costs involved and the minimum booking duration using the table below.

  • 15m - 30m travel time € 40,-
  • <45m travel time € 60,-
  • <60m travel time € 80,-
  • <75m travel time (3-hour minimum) € 100,-
  • <90m travel time (3-hour minimum) € 120,-
  • <120m travel time (4-hour minimum) € 160,-

*Please be advised that these travel expenses aren't based on travel distance but on travel time, which is subject to traffic conditions your escort has to travel through in order to arrive at the agreed time.Therefore, please bear in mind that travel costs can be higher when your Secret Agent has to travel during peak traffic.


In addition to cash payments, we also provide payments in advance through iDeal (Dutch banks only), credit card, PayPal and various crypto currencies including Bitcoin. For electronic payments, we include the corresponding handling fee in the total amount. Please enquire about possibilities and conditions when making your appointment.

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