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Our rates, explained

Part-time high class escorts

Exclusivity comes with quality, and quality comes at a price. We justify our rates with by exclusively working with part-time, undercover high class escort companions who occasionally complement their primary careers and daily routines with an exciting visit to our clients. Unlike many other escorts, they can't and won't visit more than 1 or 2 clients a week.

Should you have any additional questions regarding the rates below, please feel more than welcome to contact us.

There's a price tied to our service, but the resulting memory is priceless...

Our rates apply to a so-called Girlfriend Experience. If you have a specific request that may be beyond the scope of a Girlfriend Experience, your high class escort may ask for an additional fee.


Our high class escorts are also available for bookings for companionship only with a minimum purchase of four hours.

During Companionship Only hours, all participants remain fully clothed and no intimate body contact takes place aside from a kiss on the cheek or an arm around the shoulder. 


For those who experience difficulty deciding for themselves how they'd like compose their high class escort experience, we've bundled the most popular bookings into bite-sized packages. These so-called Pleasure Packs have a number of advantages and conditions at a fixed, slightly reduced rate, and are therefore non-adjustable or extendable. 

additional services

As long as you indicate in detail in advance what your possible non-standard wishes are, we will always inform you in advance with which additional fee you can take into account. This way, no one will be faced with surprises at the moment suprême. 

For extra services, each high class escort uses her own rate, which can be found in the info table on her profile to be found.

We have specified a general indication of these most common additional fees for you below.

travel expenses

When your appointment is within the residential area (<15 minutes travel time) of the high class escort(s) you have booked , no additional travel costs apply. Fortunately, the Netherlands is not that big, so the Secret Agent finds it no problem to visit places in the entire Benelux, as long as the remuneration remains proportionate to the total Travel time (there and back) that she invests in your date. 

Also, for already known clients, it is possible to send a Secret Agent on / to international destinations to book. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and conditions on request.

NOTE: Travel fees aren't based on distance, but on expected traveltime. Please take this into account when you'd like to book an appointment around rush hour. The expected travel fee will always be communicated by us in advance upon confirmation, and will remain fixed from that moment on, regardless of unexpected traffic situations that may still lead to longer travel times.


Besides cash payments, we offer various electronic payment options including iDeal, credit card*, PayPal** and crypto. Ask for the possibilities and conditions when making your appointment. 

*No transaction fee up to €1000, after that 3%

**5.8% transaction fees

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