Secret Agents' favourite hotels in Amsterdam

No more exciting place in a city, resort or destination than a sensual hotel, so here is the personal high class escorts' top 10 of favourite hotels in Amsterdam.

First some hotel history, which is closely linked to the history of our civilisation. Facilities that offer guests hospitality have existed since early biblical times. The ancient Greek developed thermal baths in villages designed to rest and recuperate. Later, the Romans built mansions to accommodate distinguished travellers. The Romans were the first to develop thermal baths in England, Switzerland and the Middle East.

Even later, the so-called caravanseraisemerged in the Middle East. In the Middle Ages, monasteries and abbeys were the first establishments to offer regular accommodation to travellers. Religious orders built inns, hospices and hospitals to accommodate people on the road.

Pilgrims and Crusaders

The first inns didn't offer meals yet. Staging posts were set up for government transport and as resting places. They provided shelter and made it easier to change horses. Numerous shelters were built for pilgrims and crusaders on their way to the Holy Land.

Travelling then became more and more dangerous. At the same time, inns gradually appeared in most of Europe, some of which have remained famous, for example l'Auberge des Trois Rois in Basel, which dates back to the Middle Ages. 

The oldest hotel in the world

By the way, the oldest hotel in the world is located in Yamanashi, Japan. The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Hotel opened in the year 705 and is still in the hands of the descendants of the dynasty that started it some 1300 years ago.

Soon we will come back to the history of the hotels. When we reveal the Secret Agents top ten hotels of another city. But first the long-awaited moment when we announce our 10 best hotels in Amsterdam. As you will understand, Secret Agents pay attention to things that has less to do with travelers, but more with a.o. sexinessdiscretion, quality of food & beverage, comfort of the beds and (sound) insulation of the rooms.

Our top 10

Hotel Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam with its special Canal House Suites

10: Sofitel The Grand

The Grand is exactly what the name indicates: Grandiose and imposing, centrally located on the Red Light District, but without being 'bothered' by it. The stately hotel, which has been one of Amsterdam's ultimate chic for years, has beautiful spacious rooms, and is known for its extremely privacy-conscious staff, who have an extra eye for the safety and discretion of their guests. The critical guest will always find something to his or her liking in the universal decoration of the 'palace'. For if you are looking for something completely special: the beautiful Canal House Suites,The suites are located in the former houses of famous Dutch admirals from the 17th century and are both contemporary and classical in design. A perfect combination for a wonderful get-together.

The Intercontinental Amstel is just as easy to reach from the water.

9: Intercontinental Amstel

If you ask a world star which Amsterdam hotel he or she would like to stay in, ten to one, the celeb will mention the Amstel Hotel. Of all the hotels in the capital, this classic, opened in 1863, has the most fashionable appearance. Close to the grandeur and class of the Amstel, it also houses one of the best restaurants in the Netherlands. La Rive could be called the theatre of refined taste, where the perfect service (friendly but never jovial) is only surpassed by what the kitchen crowd conjures up on the plates. The location and the photogenic accommodation, together with the view over the Amstel, make this hotel a must for a rendezvous with a happy ending.

                      The rooms of the Okura are extremely well insulated  

8: Okura

The rooms and suites of the first European hotel in the Okura chain are as you would expect from a five-star hotel with a Japanese touch: sleek, crisp, clean and wonderfully luxurious. But what really sets the hotel apart is the choice and quality of their 3 spectacular restaurants plus the sky lounge, which offers an amazing view of Amsterdam. In addition, thanks to its location and its own car park, the Okura is a logistical relief for those who travel by their own means of transport. Last but not least, because the hotel is so huge, the Okura has a slightly less personal touch, which can be pleasant for those who prefer to enjoy their high class escort more unnoticed. To complete the discreet pleasure, the rooms are extremely well insulated. isolated.

                            All bath products of Hotel 717 are from Chopard  

7: 717

Seven One Seven brings you as close as possible to the experience of what it's like to live in a stately Amsterdam canal house. The rear part of the building dates from the 17th century, the elegant canal facade was added in 1810. To stay here in one of the nine richly decorated suites is comparable to visiting the mansion of an eccentric bachelor of an uncle, full of antiques and curiosities from all over the world. It's all very grand and a little bit exaggerated, but nicely exaggerated, with a cozy touch. There is no bar and no reception. You just order a high tea in the lounge or a glass of cognac in the library. The staff is low-key and discreet and adds to the personal, homely atmosphere of this place. All this makes the hotel feel like a private residence and that can only increase the excitement. Although there is no spa, a massage service can be arranged in the room. But mind you: it's a massage that has nothing to do with eroticism. In that aspect it's maybe better to massage one another. A nice extra: all bath- and shower products are from the high class house of Chopard.


                 The Luxury Suites have a modern yet warm appearance  

6: Luxury Suites

These spacious Suites at the Oudeschans are ideal for the client who wants to stay a bit more undercover and therefore doesn't want to be bothered by the well-meaning, meddling staff. Here they recognize very quickly when you'd rather enjoy your company in privacy, without being too much served (read: disturbed). The suites of 50 to 90 square meters have a modern yet warm, tasteful look. Not unimportant: the beds are made to play on. Breakfast is exceptionally good, including an Eggs Benedict who, according to the English Dailey Mail, is the best the male connoisseur/journalist has ever eaten. Talking about the best: maybe it's time this connoisseur meets our high class escorts. By the way: the location of the Luxury Suites is ideal, close to the shopping paradise 'de 9 straatjes', where you and your escort will always find something beautiful, especially when it comes to lingerie.  


            In real life Park Mansion is even more beautiful and colorful than in the pictures.

5: Park Mansion Center

According to Internet reviews, Park Mansion is one of the best scoring hotels in Amsterdam among guests, which is not surprising, because it is like being transported back in a time machine to times long gone. Close to the idyllic Vondelpark, every detail of this unique pleasure hotel has been thought of. Often hotel photos on websites are on the flattering side, but here the reverse is the case. In real life, Park Mansion is even more beautiful and colorful than on the web pages. The apartments are spacious and bright with a lovely decorated bedroom and a well-equipped kitchen. All aspects of the interior have been carefully selected; lighting, soft furniture, flowers, candles, chandeliers, wood-burning stoves, lots of cushions, etcetera etcetera! The owner is informative and attentive, but gives you plenty of privacy. The Concertgebouw and many shops, museums, boutiques and restaurants are all within a few minutes' walk. And if you want to stretch your legs, than a walk in the Vondelpark is a must. To enjoy the ambiance and each other again in Park Mansion.

  The Crane Hotel is ideal for a night on the loose during your own private party   

4: The Crane Hotel

The Crane really is a hidden gem. And that's some sort of paradox. Hidden in plain sight is an appropriate saying. Because it is situated in a former harbor crane at the NDSM site in the north of Amsterdam. This makes the hotel the most unusual design hotel in Amsterdam, with a completely epic view of the city from the rooms and the rooftop spa bath. The Crane attracts celebrities, DJs and adventurous nocturnal animals who are not afraid of heights. After taking 2 rickety industrial elevators, you arrive at only three luxurious split-level suites, each with a unique aesthetic design, with steep stairs to the mezzanine/bedrooms and bathrooms with rain showers. Choose between the Mystique (bordello-like atmosphere), Free Spirit (light and airy) and Secret (Arabian Nights-themed) suites. A stone's throw away from the artistic sights and the up and coming restaurants and nightlife of 'Noord'. At the top of the crane, you'll soon notice a super sexy atmosphere, bit like a Studio 54 vibeIdeal for a crazy night private party with one (or two!) of our wilder high class escorts.



         The Twentyseven has a secret "artists" entrance/exit for the real VIP

3: TwentySeven

Let's focus on the suites of this most luxurious boutique hotel in Amsterdam, starting with soundproofed windows and handmade doors, clean Himalaya-air and high speed internet for all your exciting visual desires. Plus the latest technology to control the ideal temperature, entertainment (oe la la!) and light, among other things; some 'small' details, such as the art of fashionable Cobra Art; exclusive handmade bathrooms made of natural stone; a steam shower and a double Jacuzzi with controllable, atmospheric lighting; fully stocked minibar with a superior selection from our sommelier, filled with both red and white wines, champagnes and other delicious drinks; a top quality coffee machine; silky wallpaper by Pierre Frey from Paris; Ascension Lattore lounge sofas; bedding of the highest quality, from Nobilis from Paris; handmade silk carpets by Braquenié and Fadini Borghi; luxurious, handmade oak floors with special Versaille patterns; the newest SMART TV's, in the bedrooms and in the living rooms and a secret "artist entrance/exit for the real VIP. The only thing you have to do here, is start moving.


    The Breitner House consists of only two superdeluxe and giant suites.

2: Breitner House

This fairytale hotel is housed in a former artist's residence and artistic it is! The owner has really paid an homage to the history of the house using its original furnishings. Actually, You feel like you are staying in a museum. But nowhere does that feel oppressive, on the contrary. And it could hardly be more intimate, because the Breitner House consists of only two superdeluxe and huge suites. If you enter the George Breitner suite on the first floor, for example, you get the feeling that no time has passed since it was built in 1882. The front side offers a panoramic and unique view of the Oosterpark and the monumental Tropenmuseum. The suite of approx. 80m2 (785 ft2) consists of a personal desk overlooking the garden, large sofa, fireplace, Italian chandeliers and canopy with the best linen. A beautiful mural of irises in gold and blue highlights the artistic past of the Breitner House. Along with your high class escort you can enjoy the spacious bathroom with a beautiful bath and a separate shower. Breakfast here, including champagne, is something you will never forget... 

            The Waldorf Astoria is the Rolls Royce among the hotels in our capital   

1: Waldorf Astoria

And then it's time for our number 1. And as far as we are concerned, this is a hotel with the perfect balance between exquisite service and breathtaking luxury. And all this without being pretentious. In other words: The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, consisting of 7 adjacent 17th century canal houses on the stately Herengracht, is the Rolls Royce among the the hotels in our capital. Every detail has been thought through, from design to service to culinary. And all this under the guidance of the genius hotelier Roberto Payer, gastronomic manager Sascha Speckemeier and celebrity chef Sidney Schutte, who cooked the Waldorf Astoria restaurant Spectrum managed to 2 Michelin stars. The highly professional staff absolutely knows how it's done, but they're certainly not too distant. It's the personal approach with room for humour (every guest has a personal concierge), the elegant ambience and the simply stunning, classic architecture, with Amsterdam's largest courtyard garden, that works like a foreplay. And then you come into your room and the ultimate party can begin. What a treat!

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