Open letter to a scenting magician

If you want to surprise a high-class escort with an attention she will always be happy with, then it's with a perfume.

The only question is: with which scent? You can definitely go and take a look at the bio of the secret agent in question. There is also her favourite perfume among the personal details, which they like very much. But if you really want to make a smashing impression, even if she doesn't know the scent, you should actually consider buying Escentric's sensational perfume Molecule 01.

The perfect perfume for high class escort
Magic in a bottle

Close to magic

What Molecule 01 does to a woman who wears it and her surroundings who perceives the perfume comes close to magic. Have you read Patrick Suskind's The Perfume or seen the film after the book? The story is about a certain Grenouille who is born in 1738 on the Paris fish market without a body odour. But he has a highly developed sense of smell. When he reaches adulthood he becomes a perfumer. His life dream is to create his own body odour, which is why he turns into a serial killer. Because to create his own body odour, it is necessary to extract the odour from a human body and conserve it. He experiments to discover how to do this, first on animals, then on humans. Finally, he succeeds in creating an all overpowering perfume with which other people immediately love him.

Dozens of anecdotes

Don't worry. For Molecule 01, thank God no people have been murdered, but the effect of the perfume, which according to connoisseurs, a woman or man can combine with another fragrance to their heart's content, is almost the same.

This is clear from the story of the London female lawyer, who took a taxi into her city and arrived at her destination without having to pay the driver. At least if she told him what the scent she was wearing was called. That perfume turned out to be Molecule 01. And so there are dozens of anecdotes that all relate to the creation of a Berlin perfumer called Geza Schön, a man who is just as wonderful as his Molecule series (now there are 4 perfumes).

The ultimate high class escort perfume: Molecule

Dear Geza Schön

Our magazine editor once wrote a letter to him which, on second thought, he didn't send. We'll put that special letter here:

Dear Geza Schön,

What do I do with you?

But first let me tell you that I woke up this morning next to the pillow my sweetheart slept on over two weeks ago and that pillow still smelled like your Molecule 01. Basically that's impossible, because a) in the meantime the pillowcase has been washed. And b) she was wearing a different perfume. But maybe your scent is so embedded in my system, that when I see an unconscious pillow, I automatically think of her and automatically summon your heavenly elixir.

No wonder my heart jumped when two years ago I received an invitation to meet you in Amsterdam, where you would present the then new Escentric, Molecule 04, a fragrance whose main ingredient is Javanol, a pure sandalwood molecule. My dear, who you may call a walking sign for your scent sensations and who is a Molecule user of the first hour, was allowed by the distributor and we were very looking forward to meeting the enfant terrible of the perfume world. Why you are called that is because ten years ago you did something that no one had ever done before.

With Molecule 01 you launched a perfume on the market that contains only one ingredient, in this case Iso E Super, with a scent that does not occur in nature and can best be described as a cedarwood note with a velvet sensation. Ten years ago, this was unthinkable, because a traditional perfume is composed of a whole range of scented elements that together form a composition. What you did could be compared to a three star chef who prepares a heavenly meal with only one ingredient.

On the day we were to meet you, the airport staff in Berlin stopped and you couldn't come. What a disappointment. We were asked if we wanted to go to the presentation and of course we did. After all, it wasn't just any perfume, but a new Molecule In hotel Seven One Seven on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, we were warmly welcomed by your Dutch representative, Tayna Propopenko, who let us experience the new fragrances and gave us an explanation. I could see from my sweetheart's face that she immediately fell in love with the Molecule 04, about which you said: 'What I love about Javanol is its almost psychedelic freshness. It smells as if the skin of grapefruit is being poured over a bed of velvety cream-coloured roses like liquid metal'.

Not only did we get the fragrances, but we also got a beautifully executed book in which we started reading in turns that same day. In the first chapter I read:

Axis 2006 started, 21st century fragrance was still wating to be born. But it wouldn't have long to wait. A quiet storm was coming to wash away the old and advance the new - one simple, beautiful molecule at a time.

The book read like an exciting thriller and actually you should release it. Everything about you and the remarkable history of Escentric is mentioned in it but after reading it I had a few questions I wanted to ask you. I could. By mail.

And last week I got the answers back.

On the question why the book does not refer to the fact that the Molecule fragrances can be used in combination with other perfumes, you wrote:
This is not described in the book for the simple reason that I don't believe in layering. I mean, people can mix whatever they want, but we specifically offer a stand-alone Molecule. Please don't layer!

Huh? My lover was once told at Skins that Molecule was very compatible with other perfumes, but fine. You're the chef.

Next question.

The book also states that Molecule does not stand for a luxury lifestyle and is not meant to crown celebrities. It's a democratic scent, it's about connection. But don't you think the masses find this formula too complicated? That this is the same as saying that couture is for everyone?

You answered:
Yeah. But it isn't. Couture is fucking precious and we're not. We're really democratic. The only thing exclusive is we're not available everywhere.

The third, last and perhaps most appropriate question went as follows:

I love the book and there's a lot in it. Is that why it's all in the book? Because you hate interviews and the press?

Your answer was telling:
Pfoe... No, but interviews have become a kind of recurring obligation in my life. For years now. Haven't I told you enough?

I repeat, what am I supposed to do with you, Geza? I think I'm just gonna love you unconditionally, how brief and... grumpy you're reacting too. After all, you brought us Molecule 01.

The Molecule perfumes are available at the hive and with Skins Cosmetics.

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