Updated standards and branding

Our regular clients have already noticed that we have trouble sitting still. Not only have we given our website a complete makeover every year for the past four years, but at the same time we are continuously testing new functions within our live environment to continue to improve the user experience and security (more on that later). Secret Agents is our bread, and we take our business utterly Every year we learn new lessons that we use as input for our continuous evolution towards perfection.

This autumn, as the weather got colder and colder, we kept ourselves warm by redefining and redesigning our desk, and thus our website, and although we received many compliments from our clients, high class escorts and even conculega's, we always keep a critical eye on ourselves, so we felt there was more than enough room for improvement. We focused on simplified site navigation, improved clarity and presentation, and increasing efficiency and user-friendliness, such as the average page loading time of 3~4 seconds.

Last but not least A sometimes too slow response time is generally one of the most common complaints, particularly via e-mail. This does not necessarily apply only to us, but also to well On the other hand, we understand that not everyone has a clear picture of the volume of requests (and other random messages) that we receive per day / hour. That's why we're now on our contact page more clearly specified what response time you can expect at what time of the day per means of communication and/or per subject

Having said all this, is there anything else that not Not only for our clients in terms of accessibility, attention, guidance and discretion, but also for our high class escorts in terms of a warm and open corporate culture, mutual trust and understanding, safety, integrity and above all: fun. After all, our motto has remained unchanged since day one:

The best experiences can only be fulfilled by a lady who truly enjoys what she does.

We hope that our new website will be to your liking. Although our identity may be a little different now, it is not the same as it was before. looksit has remained fundamentally unchanged 🙂

Warm greetings,
Nancy & Les

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