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Our legacy clients have already noticed by now that we have difficulties standing still. Not only have we done a full website make-over annually for the past 4 years, but we’re also continuously trialing new features on our live site in order to improve user experience and security (more on that later). We take our business very seriously and learn a lot of new lessons every year, which we use as input for our continuous evolution towards perfection.

This Fall, as it’s been getting colder and colder, we’ve been keeping ourselves warm with re-defining and re-designing our agency and its website. Although we received a lot of compliments from our clients, escorts and even our competitors, we felt it was starting to become a bit overwhelming and cluttered. We concluded there’s quite a bit to gain in terms of navigation, clarity, presentation and efficiency (our average page load time has gone from 3~4 seconds to <0.5 seconds!). We also adopted a ‘less is more’ philosophy to reflect the unspoiled pureness we and our escorts identify ourselves with. After all, it’s their genuine and open personalities that have maintained our steadily rising reputation.

Last but not least, one of the most frequently heard complaints in general is slow response times, particularly via email. This doesn’t exclusively apply to us but does include us as well. On the other hand, we appreciate that not everybody has an understanding of how many inquiries (and casual friendly messages) we receive on an hourly basis. Therefore, we have now specified more clearly on our contact page what to expect in terms of response time per channel, subject and moment of the day.

And with that said, there’s also something that isn’t changing, and that’s our devotion to be the best possible agency out there. Not only for our clients in terms of approachability, listening, guiding and discretion, but also for our escorts in terms of a warm and open company culture, mutual trust and understanding, safety and integrity. Because after all, since day one, our primary philosophy has still remained unchanged:

The best experiences can only ever be fulfilled with someone who truly enjoys what she does.

We hope you enjoy our new website, and while our identity looks different, it’s still us 🙂

Warm regards,
Nancy & Les

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