"Mr. Playboy Netherlands" writes for Secret Agents

Please don't tell anyone, but we brought in a big fish for our Magazine. As of today, none other than the infamous Dutch journalist and author Mick Boskamp will be responsible for most of our Magazine's articles.

For more than twenty years, he was the figurehead of the Dutch edition of Playboy Magazine. In addition to his many adventurous, exciting stories and impressive interviews, he also managed to get various Dutch icons strip down into sexy poses for the magazine. Before he started working for Playboy, he was a star reporter at The Netherlands' leading music magazine Hitkrant, for which he interviewed John Travolta, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, among others. His Playboy interview with Tom Jones, in which the singer was exceptionally open hearted, was shared around the world and Prince chose Mick to take him on a tour through Amsterdam.

Enough stories and anecdotes for an entire human life, but on top of that Mick also discovered electronic dance music in the nineties. In addition to his work for Playboy, he began to write about his adventures in the iconic RoXy, iT and other famous Dutch clubs that stood at the brink of the house music revolution, while he became friends with the world's most famous DJs. Soon he was labelled 'Holland's most notorious nightlife reporter' by one of the leading national newspapers, De Volkskrant. Books, TV appearances, a radioshow for national public radio station 3FM and a CD series were the result of a hobby that got way out of hand.

In short: we're extremely proud to have Mick on board and very excited about having him write for our high class escort agency twice weekly on a multitude of topics. But with one common thread: sophisticated sexiness.

International High Class Escort Service

Mick Boskamp

Former editor-in-chief at Playboy
and The Netherlands' most well known nightlife reporter
From a young age, I have been an exciting person,' he says with a mischievous smile. And not in the sense of being aggressive, but full of love for other people and women in particular. My parents used to have a beach club in Zandvoort and because my mother had been an actress and a singer, the regular guests consisted of many Dutch celebrities and lots of beautiful people. In those days, bikinis were much smaller than they are now and, as a boy, I had no choice but to look at all that beauty. When Playboy started, I had to work there. And my later job as a night reporter was also based on my strong taste for erotica. After all, going out is and remains boy meets girl. When Secret Agents asked me to write for the site,' he continues. I didn't have to think for a second. Playboy's slogan has always been 'Everything that excites men'. And a high class escort agency with beautiful Secret Agents is everything that fascinates me. Add to that an extremely friendly and warm management, which gives a totally different, beautiful and contemporary interpretation of the concept of paid love and I can't wait to write interesting content for them.

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