Love from our clients

On behalf of our entire team:
Thank you

From crisis to creativity


Since almost 3 months, since March 24th to be precise, we have to inform our clients that we can no longer provide them with intimate dates with our high class escorts due to the ban on contact professions. On May 11th, this ban was lifted, except for sex workers. This was followed up by the news that many escorts fell between two stools in regards to financial aid for their loss of income. Some escorts in the Netherlands felt forced to continue working illegally on their own, exposing themselves to all the added risks and vulnerabilities. 

From the moment our clients got wind of this, something happened that we are incredibly grateful for. We received calls, messages and emails from our clients with one common main line; when we need help, our clients are there. For us, and for our Secret Agents 💕


the post-corona voucher

Among all the thoughtful, heartwarming support, we also received a number of messages from clients who did a bit of brainstorming for us and came up with the most inventive ideas. These included an online Truth or Dare game between client and escort, webcam sessions at a reduced rate, a paid communication platform to maintain contact with their favourite high class escort and a post-corona voucher: an infinitely valid voucher for a date to take place after September 1st (or whenever we'll eventually be able to resume our business).

We soon noticed: the more fun and creative the ideas, the more challenging it would become to set them up within a limited amount of time. Especially in addition to all our efforts around our new Association of Dutch Escort Companies and its mission to open up our sector sooner than September 1st. Moreover, some suggestions were incredibly nice and interesting for our clients and for us as an agency, but less so for our high class escorts themselves. Except for a few of those who also (temporarily) lost their main job, most of our Agents are considerably less dependent on their high class escort income than we are as an agency. To them, it's just an occasional side job. To us, it's our bread and butter.

In other cases, the inability of some ideas to ensure their privacy protection was an inescapable obstacle. Although we still want to give shape to some of these suggestions for the longer term, we decided to start off by creating a post-corona voucher. This will help us to remain a healthy, viable company, as well as having a helping hand standing by for our Secret Agents in case they need one.

To express our gratitude for this support, we're giving these vouchers to all clients who financially support us during this period with a discount of 5% on the hourly rate (excluding Companionship Only dates).

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