The time has come: As of May 19, open again!

December 2019: no more sex work allowed

Six months. That is how long high class escorts and escort agencies, who were lumped together by the government with the so-called sex workers, had to disappoint their clients. Despite the fact that in our sector, there is no question of groups of people walking in and out. Also, the fact that the exclusive nature of a high class escort results in only sporadic, isolated one-on-one contact (or one-on-two, in the case of a couple or colleague escort) turned out to be enough to call a complete halt. A high class escort only visits one or two clients in a week anyway (and maybe occasionally a third). In addition, she is used to testing herself regularly and to putting the health of both her client and herself first in all her activities. Health checks, quick tests and a 5-day abstinence during the incubation period after a date all belong to the possibilities to safely and responsibly provide our clients with something that is undeniably a basic need, physically and/or mentally. The average student has more than one bed partner, and that is not nearly as safe. Yet, in addition to all the erotic clubs, brothels, private homes, home recievers and window prostitutes, the high class escort agencies also had to close their doors. For six months.

Luxury escort longs for dinner dates again
Our high class escorts have also suffered from skin cravings

Fortunately, unlike many ladies in other segments of the industry, the ladies we work with already have their own solid base in the form of a stable, permanent job, business or study (grant), and their adventurous side job as a high class escort is only an exciting, temporary extra income. However, for entrepreneurs like us, the high class escort agencies that offer such a platform from which the escorts can work safely and efficiently, this is unfortunately different. Our agency and the bookings we facilitate is After all, our base, our water and bread. Contrary to some preconceptions, running a high class escort is anything but getting rich overnight. We sometimes say jokingly that it could be compared to running a household with 20~30 daughters! Besides all the moments of frustration, this period has brought us moments of appreciation, warmth and gratitude. More than ever before we have felt what a fantastic relationship we have been blessed with within our 'family', where we are ready for each other when needed and there is mutual understanding when certain circumstances have a temporary impact on our cooperation. We are therefore very relieved that our forced closure in the past six months has not led to the departure of our Agents. In fact, we have even been able to use the situation to welcome a number of up-and-coming talents, which will appear drop by drop on our website in the course of the coming weeks... 

An equally big thank you goes out to our loyal clients, who have taken the time and trouble to check in with us every now and then to see how we're doing, whether we're still 'surviving' and even came up with some creative ideas to get us through this period. You know who you are, and we want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. This kind of relationship is what we are doing it all for!

And now, on the 19th of May, the time has finally come. After a considerable amount of patience, we and our now eager high class escorts, as the last of the group of 'contact professions', can finally provide our understandably also impatient clients with wonderful exciting afternoons, romantic evenings and wild nights. Or just let them blow off some steam first of course 😉 . 

As you can hopefully understand, our agendas fill up quickly (our high class escorts only visit one or two clients a week anyway), so we advise you to book early. This way you increase the chance that your favourite agent(s) is/are still available at a time when you are.

We are looking forward to it, see you soon!


Nancy & Les

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