Travelling with your favourite HIGH CLASS ESCORT

Boundless enjoyment

holiday or business trip?

Have you ever thought of dining with your Dutch high class escort at The Ivy in London, visiting the Sissi Museum in Vienna or taking a speedboat over the Canadian lakes? Or do you have a business obligation abroad after which you can use a bit of excitement and conviviality on the spot? It's all possible!

Most of the high class escorts in our portfolio are located in the regions Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, but also in other regions such as Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland. Thanks to our Secret Transporters they can easily be taken to any Dutch or Belgian destination. However, many of our high class escorts are also available for bookings abroad.

On a regular basis a high class escort travels on behalf of Secret Agents to various international destinations, from Europe to Dubai to North America. Of course, such a booking requires a little more planning than a booking within the Benelux, but it can be realized more easily and quickly than many people assume.

Whether you want to travel with your high class escort after a destination, or want to receive her at a destination you are already on; Secret Agents has more than enough experience in booking high class escort journeys that we can now use the term ‘travel agency’ as a secondary label, and with the help of various partners within the travel industry, we always do our best to book the most cost-efficient journeys, communicating the relevant costs transparently, and for the time we invest in all the research, preparation and processing, we offer a fixed rate.

Secret Agents only deals with requests for bookings abroad from clients who can establish a desired degree of integrity. In principle, this means that you have already booked with us several times to our satisfaction, but if you are not yet known to us, you may also be eligible to receive one of our high class escorts abroad, provided you will pass our screening with a positive result and you will be able to pay the full amount to us prior to her trip.

Ask about the possibilities

If you have a question about travelling with your favorite high class escort, you are more than welcome to ask us. Call or mail we can answer your questions.

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