As a dedicated and humble entrepreneurs, we value our recurring clients over everything else. Due to our relatively modest profit margins and generous payment structure to our high class escorts, not every booking is necessarily profitable enough to sustain our business. Obviously, this is a choice we made ourselves, but on the other hand it also means we're all the more dependent on the loyalty of our recurring clients. And in our opinion, that's the most effective motivation to keep our service level up to par. Moreover, as a high end service provider, we know how much our clients appreciate to be recognised as a VIP and to be treated as such. With this in mind, we've developed the Secret Insiders program: a special membership with an even higher service level for our favourite (i.e. most loyal and pleasant) clients. 

Because every client is different, we have different membership levels, each with their own palette of privileges. The Insider status you qualify for depends on the number of tokens you have earned. Earning tokens is simple: every euro you spend after your first booking with us equals one token. You can also earn tokens by giving us a return service, such as successfully introducing a new client or high class escort.

If you want to enjoy certain Insider privileges right away without having to first accumulate the corresponding number of tokens, you can also purchase your desired Insider status in the form of a pre-purchased credit. The only condition is that you have already booked with us, left a review on TrustPilot, and that we have received positive feedback on your date from the high class escort(s) you booked.

"Solid relationships reside at the core of our service."


The levels of our loyalty programme



Both your booked Secret Agents and our management have so far perceived you as a pleasant client , and you've submitted a review on TrustPilot, Google or Facebook. Thank you so much!

After your first booking, you're eligible to become an Insider. From now on, you won't be required to pre-pay a deposit anymore in order to confirm your booking. Furthermore, this initiates your token earnings with every future booking you make, bringing you closer to upgrading your status and subsequently unlocking additional privileges.

You're eligible to join our Insider program after your first booking if your escort provides us with positive feedback about her date with you. To maximise your chances to such positive feedback, we advise you to read and comply with our etiquette. More information can be found in our Code of Conduct.



You have now accumulated 2,000 tokens in the past 12 months, so we can say with certainty that you are a stable match for both our agency and our escorts. That feels good!

To show you our gratitude, we'll be promoting your status to that of a Premium Insider.

The privileges for a Premium Insider consist of:

  • the option to request a photo of one of our escorts you may be interested in booking for your next appointment
  • access to our Concierge Service (5% service fee)
  • Birthday discount á 5% (Pleasure Packs excluded), valid until one month after your birthday.

You retain your Premium Insider status under the following conditions:

  • Your true identity is known to us and verified once. Such data will be processed after verification encrypted and destroyed.
  • You provide us with substantial and/or constructive feedback after each first date with a Secret Agent new to you, which we may (anonymously, of course) include in periodic evaluations and quote publicly.
  • At least you book once in the three months.
You can also buy out Premium Insider status in a lump sum for €1500.



So, bon vivant, in the past 12 months you have now collected 5,000 tokens and it is fair to say that by now we are quite familiar with each other and are starting to build a bond with each other.

We would like to celebrate this with you by rewarding you with the Executive Insider status.

The added privileges for an Executive Insider are:

  • 5% discount on the hourly rate on your future bookings (Pleasure Packs excluded).
  • 5% extra birthday discount (Pleasure Packs excluded), valid up to one month after your birthday.
  • access to our Concierge Services without additional service fees.
  • no more queuing in line with our Priority Lane service, as your emails and messages will be prioritised over those from clients who haven't yet achieved an Executive Inside status. 

You retain your Executive Insider status under the following conditions:

  • Id. verified.
  • Feedback after every first meeting.
  • At least you book once in the six months.

You can also redeem Executive Insider status in a lump sum for €4000.



It's clients like you to whom we owe our existence, and we find that quite special. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support, dedication and loyalty. The least we can do is crown you with an Elite Insider status. Congratulations and welcome to our inner circle!

As an Elite Insider, you enjoy all the privileges mentioned above, plus:

  • 10% discount on the hourly rate for your next bookings (Pleasure Packs excluded)
  • 5% extra birthday discount (Pleasure Packs excluded), valid up to one month after your birthday
  • Never wait for a reply again with our Fast Lane Service: immediate answers to your emails and/or messages, regardless of how busy it is.
  • the option to request recognisable photos of our high class escorts
  • access to our internal communications platform, through which you can message your booked courtesan directly, starting 5 days prior to your appointment.

You retain your Executive Insider status under the following conditions:

  • Id. verified.
  • Feedback after every first meeting.
  • At least you book once in the six months.
  • Premium Insider status is earned, and therefore is not suddenly redeemable. 


Statuses compared

No more deposit required
Access to recognisable photos
5% birthday discount
Concierge service (5% service fee)
Office Hours Regular Regular Priority Lane Fast Lane
Ability to book Debutantes
Discount on hourly rates N/A N/A 5% 10%
Message Agents directly


Your reviews mean the world to us

Not only because this is a condition for becoming an Insider, but also because a higher score keeps us motivated, and a less high score makes us, if necessary, just that little bit sharper. So you help us and yourself enormously by sharing your experience on Facebook or TRUSTPILOT.

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