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Special Privileges For Our Favourite Clients

Insiders Privileges

As a dedicated and grateful agency, we appreciate our regular clients like no other. Due to our relatively modest profit margins and high payout structure towards our Secret Agents, not every client is necessarily sufficiently profitable to sustain our business. This of course is by choice, but also means that we rely on our recurring clients even more. Furthermore, being a high end service provider, we know how much it’s appreciated to be considered a VIP, and to be treated as such. With this in mind, we developed the Insiders program: a special membership for our favourite (read: loyal and pleasant) clients with an even higher service level.

The Conditions

Insiders Privileges
  • Regular Appointments

    Over the past 12 months, you have accumulated either a total of at least 6 appointments or 18 hours worth of appointments with our escort(s). Once you’re an Insider, your membership remains active until 2 months after your last appointment. After that, your membership will be paused, and reactivated again once your next appointment has taken place.

  • Providing Feedback

    For each escort whom you have met, you provide at least one objective review either at the bottom of her profile page, or on facebook, Google, TRUSTPILOT.

  • Positive Client Reputation

    Both our management and our escorts remember you as always being a perfect gentleman.

  • Verifiable Full Disclosure

    In the light of mutual trust, we ask you to provide us with a copy of your valid ID and of a recently mailed letter addressed to your private address. These documents serve initial verification purposes only, after which they will be encrypted and destroyed immediately without being saved or backed up anywhere else.

The Privileges

Insiders Privileges
  • Book at fixed Reduced Rates

    A 5% discount on the hourly rate (Pleasure Packs and Debutantes excluded).

  • Priority Access to our Debutantes

    After welcoming a new Secret Agent to our team (a so-called Debutante), it usually takes approximately 1-3 months until we publish her photos on her photos. During her on-boarding and trial period, she’s exclusively available to our trusted Insiders at a 10% discount with a minimum of 3 hours, who are also privileged to request her temporary (candid) photos prior to confirming the booking.

  • Access to Uncensored Photos

    Access to recognisable images and/or footage of our Secret Agents (individually subjected to their consent).

  • Use of our Communication Platform

    As an Insider, you have exclusive acces to our encrypted in-house communication platform. This way, your own private channels / devices remain clean from any traces of you being our client.

Meet our Exclusive Debutantes

Become an Insider

In case you are of the opinion that you qualify to become an Insider, and would like to become one, you can apply for the membership below. As soon as we have assessed that you indeed qualify, you will receive an email with further details and instructions.