beautiful, sincere and passionate

Secret Agents is a 100% Dutch, state licensed high class escort agency that doesn't just define sheer class and exclusivity by a price tag. First and foremost, it's our personal approach, authenticity and dedicated service through which we strive to distinguish ourselves. Not only towards our clients, but at least equally so towards our high class escort companions, for they can only bring out the best in themselves when they feel truly welcomed, appreciated and comfortable. Based on this business ethic, we work exclusively with warm hearted, well-mannered and educated part-time high class courtesans with a stable personality and solid foundation. In addition to being obviously gorgeous, they're also delightful company in the purest and broadest sense.

Our stylish high class escorts from the Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Brabant areas easily, flexibly and safely travel throughout the Benelux thanks to our Secret Transporters: official and therefore professional (mostly executive and private) drivers from within our own trusted network. This means so no one has to worry about sticking to just one glass of wine or having to stay awake during their journey back home, so you can enjoy your moments together even more. Some of our high class escort companions are available to travel internationally for longer dates as well, on which you can find more information on their individual profiles.

By limiting their escort activities to a part-time activity on the side in addition to their regular careers, every appointment remains just as exciting an adventure to our high class escorts as for you. This ensures they genuinely keep enjoying their alter ego as a Secret Agent, which in its turn, you as our client will undoubtedly notice as well…




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