Our High Class Escorts

Secret Agents is a high end escort agency that not only defines true class and exclusivity through a certain price tag, but above all by providing high quality service, dedication and authenticity. In addition to our unprecedented personal approach, we work exclusively with warm, sophisticated and educated part-time high-class escorts who, in addition to their beauty, are genuinely fun in each their own way and have a stable background.

We enable our high-class escorts from the Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Brabant areas to travel easily and safely throughout the Benelux without needing to take any limiting factors into account such as a very limited amount of alcohol or needing to stay awake on their way back. All our trusted Transporters are discreet, professional and always remain invisible.

Moreover, a number of our high-class escorts are also available to travel internationally for longer dates. More details can be found on the individual profiles of the high-class escorts whom this applies to.

By limiting their escort activities to a part-time activity on the side as an addition to their regular careers, every date remains just as exciting an adventure to our high end escorts as for you. This ensures that they continue to genuinely enjoy their alter ego as a Secret Agent, which is something you as our client will undoubtedly notice…

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