New from the Nijmegen area: Lauren and Lois

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One of the aspects of our evolution consists of geographical expansion. In this regard, we proudly present our two new high-class escorts from the eastern part of the Netherlands: Lauren and Lois.

We have experienced like no other, especially since the existence of our high-class escort agency, that there’s not such thing as coincidence. When not one but two ladies from the Nijmegen area applied with us who also turned out to be genuinely lovely, it was a clear sign for us that this was something on which we should take action: expanding our coverage. Although all our ladies easily and efficiently travel through the entire country thanks to our own so-called Transporters, a reduced travel time can be a boundary lowering factor to our clients in the eastern and southern part of The Netherlands. That moment has arrived now, and we can’t wait to receive the first feedbacks on our two new, charming additions!

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