High Class Escort Tess

from the Utrecht area

People always have this impression of me that I’m super decent. Perhaps because of my sense for responsibility and the fact that I’m a good listener. So yes, I certainly am decent, but I’m also so not… Even while keeping up my appearances at the office, I can’t help but fantasising about all kinds of naughty scenes with interesting people. Plus, I’ve been told my massaging skills are too good to keep for myself, and by that I’m not only talking about my hands… 😉

Love, Tess.

about Tess

Back when we acquired another high-class escort agency (coincidentally named Secret Diamonds), Tess was the first member of their portfolio we met with. While the buttons of her blouse were fighting against her prominent bust and her pencil dress tightly hugging her curvaceous booty, there was something else that immediately struck us even more: her eyes. Tess has one of the biggest, brightest and greenest pair of eyes we’ve ever witnessed, and we were already mesmerised by them before even having approached her to introduce ourselves. As soon as we did, we chatted, and chatted, and had some more wine, and chatted… Clearly Tess isn’t only gorgeous and seductive, but also very sociable and great fun to be with!

Tess is probably the least geeky IT project manager you’ll meet, so her co-workers can pretty consider themselves pretty lucky to be around her all day. If only they knew that sometimes, after work, she first goes to the gym, followed by a hot steamy sauna and a long shower, all in preparation of a hot date as an undercover high-class escort…a lot of minds in one big office building would definitely be blown. Tess is so down to earth and approachable, that she comes across as an open book who has nothing to hide. This of course merely enhances the surprise effect as soon as she enters your domain and closes that door… That’s when you discover what those eyes of her can start and her apparent oral skills can finish…






  • Communication
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual chic; Business couture
  • Health & wellness, travel & fine dining
  • Italian, Spanish, Mexican, French, Japanese... Okay, I love everything but oysters and mussels.
  • Wine, champagne, juices / smoothies
  • The One by D&G
  • Yes, but on request not before and during your date
  • Lingerie or Perfume
  • No allergies


In addition to her double life as a high class escort, Isabelle has a very busy life. Therefore, in case of interest, we advise you to inquire at least two days in advance about her availability.

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