An evening (or day) out with a high class escort

with our Pleasure Pack "Le Soirée"

Le Soirée

A day or night out with a high class escort
Being an escort and radiating escort are two totally different disciplines and of course our high class escort models are perfectly capable of presenting themselves as chic and luxurious as many would expect, but if you were to meet one of our high class escorts in their 'regular' life, it would never occur to you that she would have such a naughty side job, and whether you have to go to a gala event, in style and with a Secret Agent by your side, she will offer you a wide range of possibilities to show yourself in public in style and in a cultural hotspot.
  • 3 hours of fun building up the excitement in public
  • 3 hours of fireworks in all privacy
  • No travel costs for the first 30 minutes of travel time
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