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A brief introduction...

Identical. Unique. Times two.

You read it right. Let it sink in for a moment, because when we received Miley & Skye's cover letter, we could hardly believe it at first either. But it really happened. In the meantime, we have witnessed in person that we have indeed been hit by a unique phenomenon: two sensual, bisexual high class escorts in our portfolio who together are not only a identical twins forms, but also be open to together to be booked! To say that we feel indescribably honored and blessed by this first is an understatement.

Like many twins, Miley & Skye are truly inseparable and feel they are one together unit, and that was evident during our interviews. They finish each other's sentences, are (and work) together daily and even have a slight telepathic connection when they are not. Despite the fact that they also look exactly alike, which can sometimes make you feel like you're seeing double, these two petite yet elegant, intellectual brunettes have a lot more to offer than the fact that they are identical twins.. Next to their artistic, medical and social educational backgrounds, their empathic capabilities and a strong affinity with intimacy and sexuality (think of Conscious Touch, Conscious Kink and Intimate Roleplay), the extremely versatile Miley & Skye also have extensive experience in a variety of erotic fields in which we've been wanting to add to our portfolio for some time already: tantra, dominance and submission. For our clients who are looking for an above average sexual connection and the more experimental forms of eroticism, Miley & Skye (who by the way can be booked not only together but also individually) are without any doubt at the top of our shortlist of recommendations, and they are happy to introduce the beginners among us. Talking about versatility: besides the deep, sensual approach to eroticism, Miley & Skye are certainly not averse to the somewhat rougher, animalistic sex in which all brakes are soon released, whether or not with the help of various toys. It's probably a bit of a cliché statement, but that doesn't make it any less true in this case: at the very least, a world will open up for you, and maybe even more...

It is a common fact that an erotic experience with identical twins is among humanity's greatest fantasies, and that the opportunity to ever witness it is extremely rare. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the rates for a duo booking with Miley & Skye are together slightly different from our regular rates. An overview of their basic rates can be found in the table below under the [TARIFFS] tab. Because of the many and unique specialties that their repertoire includes, you can also choose one or more additional options, which you can find under the tab [EXTRA SERVICES]. Regardless of the number of hours you wish to spend with them in total, some of these additions are offered in fixed packages for a fixed number of hours, based on what is most common in their experience. For example, on a 6-hour date, you may choose a BDSM option, which will cover 3 of the 6 hours. If you are interested in a longer variant of these additional options than that shown in the info table, you are welcome to contact us.

Ladies, gentlemen and couples, life just got a little more beautiful and exciting. We proudly present this sensational pin(s) in the high class escort haystack. Now is your chance. It's all yours from the bottom of our hearts....

"At the very least, a world will open up for you, and maybe even several..."


Together we enjoy life. The smallest things can amaze and excite us. The sun on our skin, music, deep conversations, a smile. Our warm, joyful and passionate life energy is nourished by real togetherness. Knowing each other, and indulging each other. Discovering, playing, enjoying together. And what a unique luck to have a twin sister who thinks exactly the same way! We are open-minded and free, grant each other everything, have a love for people and the world, and enjoy making dreams come true! Together, or alone. From him, her or both of you....

  • Looks 100% Natural
  • Striking feature Their big, light eyes
  • Height 166cm
  • Physique Slim and petite
  • Weight 55kg
  • Hips-Waist-Chest (CM) 87-69-87
  • Dress Size EUR34 - UK6 - US4
  • Breast Size 75B
  • Piercings / Tattoos One medium on arm

A high class escort thrives at her best with a client whose preferences correspond to the activities that actually suit her. In this overview, you can discover which these are. 

Because the necessary extra preparations for certain services are often underestimated, we would like to advise you to make your wishes known in advance, so that Miley & Skye can prepare themselves adequately where necessary. You can recognize from the following symbols to what extent they are open to the most requested possibilities, or not, or with reservations:

The basic rates below apply to a regular duo date with Miley & Skye together. If you have a specific request that may be beyond the scope of a Girlfriend Experience, there may be an additional fee. More information can be found under the [EXTRA SERVICES] tab.

  • 2 hours € 1800
  • 3 hours € 2500
  • 4 hours € 3000
  • 5 hours € 3600
  • 6 hours € 4100
  • 8 hours € 4900
  • 12 hours (sleepover) € 5900
  • 12 hours (up all night) € 6400
  • 16 hours (sleepover) € 6700
  • 16 hours (up all night) € 7500
  • 24 hours € 9.000
  • 48 hours € 15.000
  • Extra hour € 900
  • Extra day € 4100
  • 1 week € 33.000
  • 2 weeks € 55.000

Miley & Skye are also available for company-only bookings with a minimum of four hours.

During Companionship Only hours, all participants remain fully clothed and no intimate body contact takes place aside from a casual kiss on the cheek or an arm around the shoulder. 

  • 4 hours € 2300
  • 5 hours € 2700
  • 6 hours € 3000
  • 8 hours € 3700
  • 12 hours (up all night) € 4800
  • Extra hour € 650

Payment Methods

In addition to cash payments, we offer various electronic payment options* such as iDeal (Dutch banks only), credit card, PayPal and various crypto currencies such as BTC and ETH. Please inquire about options and conditions upon submitting your reservation. 

*Please be advised that an additional handling fee may apply to certain electronic payment methods. 

If you have a specific request that may fall outside the scope of a Girlfriend Experience and/or require above-average preparation or labor intensity from Miley and Skye, we recommend that you take into account an additional fee. As long as you indicate in detail in advance what your possible extra wishes are, we will always inform you in advance with which additional fee you can take into account. This way there will be no surprises at the moment of birth.

Below you will find an indication of the additional services Miley and Skye are open to, as well as an indication of the fees they charge for them.


  • Couples Surcharge €100/hour
  • 2nd gentleman present € 200 / hour
  • 2-hour Bondage session (giving) € 400
  • 2-hour Bondage session (receiving) € 600
  • 2-hour BDSM session (Dominant) € 400
  • 2-hour BDSM session (Submissive) € 600
  • Tantra session € 200/hr
  • PSE € 150 / hour
  • Golden Shower € 100
  • Pegging (Strap-on) € 100 / session
  • 2-Hour Role Play: Age Play € 400
  • 2-Hour Role Play: Other Themes € 300


  • Couples Surcharge €50/hour
  • 2nd gentleman present €100/hour
  • 2-hour Bondage session (giving) € 200
  • 2-hour Bondage session (receiving) € 300
  • 2-hour BDSM session (Dominant) € 200
  • 2-hour BDSM session (Submissive) € 300
  • 3-hour Tantra session € 300
  • PSE €50/hour
  • Golden Shower € 50
  • Pegging (Strap-on) € 50 / session
  • 2-Hour Role Play: Age Play € 200
  • 2-Hour Role Play: Other themes / costumes € 100

If your appointment is to take place within a 15 minute drive from Amsterdam , no additional travel costs apply.

Fortunately, the Netherlands isn't that big a country, thus our high class escorts have no objections towards visiting places throughout the Benelux, provided their earnings remain within a reasonable ratio to the total (return) travel time they invests in their appointment. Any expected travel expenses will always be communicated by us in advance upon confirmation. 

Furthermore, for existing clients it's possible to book in / to international destinations as well. Please feel free to inquire about possibilities and conditions.

Below you'll find an indication of her travel fees to a number of popular destinations within the BeNeLux region.

  • Schiphol / Haarlem € 50
  • Leiden / Utrecht € 75
  • The Hague / Amersfoort € 100
  • Rotterdam / Den Bosch
    (minimum spend: 3 hours)
    € 125
  • Breda / Zwolle
    (minimum spend: 4 hours)
    € 150
  • Eindhoven / Nijmegen
    (minimum spend: 4 hours)
    € 175
  • Antwerp / Groningen
    (minimum spend: 5 hours)
    € 200

    *Please note that these travel expenses aren't based on travel distance but on travel time. Kindly be advised this may vary if your Secret Agent has to travel during peak traffic in order to reach your location in time.



In addition to their double life as a high class escort and, Miley & Skye are extremely popular, while their availability is limited to only about two bookings per week. Therefore, if interested, we recommend at least five days in advance inquire about their availability.

You can reach us by phone between 12:00 (noon) and 22:00 (10PM) on weekdays and between 14:00 (2PM) and 22:00 (10PM) on weekends.

If you prefer to contact us via email or through our contact form, we would like to kindly draw your attention to the fact that our response time is up to a businessday may take. 

Would you like to meet this high class courtesan?

Book Twins Miley & Skye

In addition to her double life as a high class escort, she has Twins Miley & Skye a busy life. Therefore, if you are interested, we advise you to inquire about her availability at least two days in advance.

You can reach us by phone between 12:00 (noon) and 22:00 (10PM) on weekdays and between 14:00 (2PM) and 22:00 (10PM) on weekends.

If you prefer to contact us by email or through our contact form, we kindly inform you that our response time can take up to one business day.

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