High Class Escort Noa

from the Rotterdam area

Since I became sexually active, I quickly learned that deep inside I’m a ‘giver’, a teaser and a pleaser, who genuinely gets turend on by the ability to stimulate my partner’s senses. Not only sexually for that matter, but also intellectually. Therefore I’m also a big advocate of the concept that intelligence and sex appeal are closely connected, because it’s not just about getting physical, but also about the game around it.

Love, Noa.

about Noa

Of course, all our high class escorts are unique, which is what we select, but this intriguing student still takes her uniqueness just that little bit higher. Instead of the conventional image that most high class escort models have, Noa is someone who is characterized by her degree of naturalness in every sense of the word and less with jewelry or other extravagant luxury. Noa will not easily find you in a club or bar, but rather at a classical concert or at home with a good book while enjoying a good LP from the old box.

Another area in which Noa distinguishes herself from the masses is eroticism, and Noa profiles herself as someone who goes pretty deep erotically; her free spirit and passion for eroticism speaks volumes when you end up with her between the sheets; our Insiders - regular clients who enjoy the privilege of meeting our new high class escorts before they are officially published - lacked words when they tried to describe what they experienced with her as soon as it started to get intimate; we don't know all the fine details, but fortunately there's a way to find out for themselves now....






  • Student
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual chic & fashionable
  • TBA
  • Japanese and French cuisine. I really like fish!
  • Wine, champagne, juice/smoothies, tea & water
  • Versace pour Femme
  • Non-smoker; Accepts smokers
  • Special wines, music (singles or lp's), lingerie
  • No allergies


Next to her double life as a high class escort, Noa has quite a busy life. Therefore we recommend to always inquire at least a day in advance if you would be interested in booking her.

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