High Class Escort Aveline

from the Rotterdam area

Because I'm about to enter the blossoming of my life, and I'm simply a real pleaser and sincerely enjoy eroticism and intimacy, I thought it was only a logical step to spend part of my life as a high class escort. I'm really a human being and a real perfectionist, so no matter how cliché it may sound: I'm not satisfied until you are, I think this makes me the ultimate match for gentlemen (and couples) who like to go a little bit deeper than a standard superficial sex date. I'll get it.

Love, Aveline

about aveline

Nervousness makes some people a little awkward, and others even more cute. The latter was the case when Aveline visited our office for her intake interview.Isn't she adorable?Luckily the ice broke quickly and our job interview ended in a 3-hour tea party where we couldn't stop talking to each other. She showed us her beautiful creations that she designs and makes next to her regular job, and passionately told us all about her active and healthy lifestyle that we had long since noticed through her sleek body, healthy appearance and neat care.

Aveline possesses a rare balance between a soft, warm personality yet a strong will and an opinionated personality. It’s crystal clear that she's taken this step for all the right reasons: She’s quite the intellectual thinker filled with creativity, talent and above all: passion. Not only on a conventional level, but also (or especially even?) on an erotic level, Aveline is someone who evidently enjoys exploring and being explored, and losing herself together with you in heated moments of ecstacy. Combine that with that naturally beautiful face of hers, Aveline simply is on point in every way.






  • Psychology; IT; Health & Nutrition
  • Speaks Dutch, English and French
  • Casual chic; Fashionably elegant
  • Health & Wellness; IT; (Interior) Design; Psychology; Travel; Culinary discoveries
  • Italian, French, Thai & Japanese
  • Juices & Smoothies, Virgin cocktails (no alcohol)
  • YSL Black Opium
  • No smoker, but can smoke indoors
  • Lingerie or Perfume
  • Allergic to cats (can take anti histamines)


In addition to her double life as a high class escort, Aveline has a full time job. Thus, we'd recommend you to inquire about her availability at least one day in advance.

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