High Class Escort Lauren

from the Nijmegen area

Excitement, eroticism, sensuality and mutual pleasure are concepts I have started to identify myself with more and more. At a certain point, my curiosity got the best of me and empowered me with the boldness to step into the world of high class escort companionship. The butterflies I’ve been feeling in my belly since my first interview with Secret Agents felt amazing! I feel totally in my element, and intensely enjoy every moment I can immerse myself into the temptations and adventures that my alter ego as a Secret Agent offers me…

Love, Lauren
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About Lauren

We proudly present our first high class escort companion from the Nijmegen area, as well as our first companions from the eastern part of The Netherlands: the cheerful and (very) busty Lauren.

This radiant blonde is one of those courtesans who immediately lights up the room; an embodiment of positive energy with a seductive touch which undeniably is accentuated by her impressive bust. Lauren is a typically Dutch girl next door who noticeably comes from good lineage, and we don’t only mean physically… Her sense for empathy, broad interests and need to please form her into an ideal courtesan for both intimately private and public settings.

Lauren is someone who consciously maintains her physical and mental health, inner balance and personal development which she elongates into her sexuality. A luscious high class escort who's composed of the perfect ingredients for intensely pleasurable, sensual and erotic memories that will remain with you for the rest of your life…






  • Sport / Health
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • Sports, a healthy lifestyle, good food and good conversations. Furthermore, my taste range in music is quite wide and I'm a proper techy gadget geek!
  • Italian, Japanese, Indonesian
  • Wine; Champagne; Juices & Smoothies
  • Lalique Le Perfume, Hermes, Jo Malone
  • Non-smoker
  • Lingerie, gadgets or perfume
  • No allergies


Lauren's availability is relatively limited compared to most of her colleagues, so when you intend to book her, timely planning is key. She may also be available on more short notice, so you're always welcome to try


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