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The Gentleman’s Date

Prove That Courtship Still Exists

High class escort starts where regular escort services end. Not only from your perspective as a client, but also for an escort companion there’s a noticeable difference in clientele which reaches further than just the financial aspect. The increased mutual respect for each other often leads to stronger connection and chemistry, which in its turn mostly results in both parties preferring to meet each other again rather than someone else. However, how can you know that a certain escort with whom you would like to build up something special overtime is a actually a match on deeper level than just sexually?

With this question in mind, we introduced ‘The Gentleman’s Date’: a 3 hour date at a reduced financial commitment, which primarily revolves around the mental match. It gives you the opportunity to assess your chemistry with a certain escort in a more neutral setting, at a reduced financial commitment, followed by some mutual teasing before taking it to a next level… Plus, how nice would it be to show up with an attractive, well groomed, and just genuinely nice lady for a glass of wine in a chique (hotel) bar, a cup of tea at trendy coffee place, or even a sexy cocktail on a sunny terrace?

As this classic, traditional and gentle approach reflects the most recognizable ‘first date’ scenario, The Gentleman’s Date already is one of the favorites among both many of our clients and our Secret Agents. To ensure you experience the ultimate ‘date’ feeling, this 3 hour package consists of 1,5 hours spent casually in public, followed by 1,5 hours in private.

The Gentleman’s Date
1,5 hour spent in public & 1,5 hour private time
30 minutes Travel Time Included

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