High Class Escort Selena

from the The Hague area

It’s hard to put the thrill into words that I get from putting my overly proper goodie-two-shoes image in both my private and professional life on hold when I change into this slightly mysterious, seductive and unshackled ‘girlfriend’ for a couple of days or hours… It makes me feel so alive and so erotic, especially since my schedule only allows moments like these to occur only once in a while. Thankfully though, I’ve always believed in quality over quantity…

Love, Selena.
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about Selena

It will always remain one of the paradoxes of running a high class escort agency: Working with the kindest, most beautiful and sophisticated creatures our country has to offer, while not being able to fully showcase them publicly for the world to see. This applies even more to those who are actual professional models who present well-known designers on various runways and / or are commercially published throughout various marketing campaigns. One of those cases applies to our very own Selena, who isn’t only an established model with a unique look, but also a rising stage and screen actress. While we’re super proud to have her on board, it’s also quite a shame we can’t showcase any of her commercial photos on her profile. On the other hand, that also make her all the more interesting…

It’s not only these occupations that make Selena interesting, though. This high-class escort companion from the The Hague area has so much more to offer than only her naturally bronze satin skin, bodacious physique and sensual lips. She’s an avid follower of all things tech, science and politics, and a sucker for culture in terms of music, theatre and cuisine. And her intellectuality doesn’t stop there: Selena has a deep sense for eroticism and loves to explore all the realms of sexuality, taking intimacy to a whole new level. This is where her motivation behind being a a high-class escort comes in; it’s almost not even a choice, but an urge she longs to fulfil…






  • Marketing, Media & Fashion
  • Speaks Dutch, English and German
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • I'm always interested in new developments in tech, science and politics. I love to discover new must-see places and (culinary) hotspots. I also enjoy jazz music, R&B and Soul.
  • Italian, Mediterranean, Indonesian & Indian
  • Wine, cocktails, juices / smoothies
  • J'adore Dior
  • Non-smoker
  • Jewellery, lingerie, shoes, bags, perfume, clothing and books
  • I don't eat meat


Selena has a thriving modelling career, and a regular one to go with it. Needless to say, planning ahead is highly recommended.


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