High Class Escort Madeleine

from the The Hague area

I would be lying if I wouldn’t tell you that a side of me found it the idea of stepping into the world of high class escort a little bit scary. Yet I feel that it's exactly these new, exciting and borderline scary little adventures that have a gravitating effect on me. I was brought up in a very protected environment, so maybe this is just me trying to take a leap and spread my wings. I've already heard that I have a certain ‘surprise effect’ over me because -contrary to my decent appearance- my other side is surprisingly naughty… So I guess it comes to show once again: never judge a book by its cover!

Love, Madeleine
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about Madeleine

Madeleine from the The Hague area is one of the ultimate high class escort fantasies: a (seemingly) delicate and decent law student with angelic blond hair who just left her parental nest to move into her student apartment, together with her unsuspecting friend. From there, she secretly slips out the door in the evening to sneak back in a couple of hours later… Her titleSecret Agentcouldn’t be more appropriate.

The innocence that this high class escort companion exudes at first sight, even put us on the wrong foot when we first met her. Protective as we are, we tried to make life as a high class escort sound as unattractive as possible. It didn't scare her off. Madeleine was convinced that she had done plenty of research and gained enough confidence to explore what being a high class escort entails. At a certain point, we ran out of arguments to deny her the adventure, and we have to admit that both our and her own expectations have been exceeded ever since. The feedback we receive on Madeleine says it all: she clearly belonged to the surprises of the year…






  • Student
  • Speaks Dutch, English and German
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • I love French music and music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I am a car and watch aficionado, but I also have a weakness for (and knowledge of) art, ballet and theatre. I love deep philosophical conversations and I am also very interested in politics, social affairs and the environment.
  • Asian, Italian & French cuisine
  • Wine, Champagne, Juices / Smoothies, Tea
  • Miss Dior
  • Non-smoker
  • Subtile jewellery, lingerie from Pleasurements, a kiss on the hand or a sincere compliment
  • Allergic to nuts


As a law student, Madeleine has a variable schedule. In general, her availability during on weekdays tends to be more limited in the afternoons than in the evenings, in which she usually is available till midnight, approximately. That being said – the longer in advance we can provide Madeleine with a booking request, the better the chances are that she can shift a few things around and make herself available more flexibly (in which case a deposit or forwarded hotel reservation confirmation will be required).

In and around the weekends, Madeleine’s availability is significantly more flexible, but she also has a healthy social life, so even then we advise you to submit your booking request at least a few hours in advance.

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