High End Escort Lana

from the Den Bosch area

High End Escort Lana
High End Escort Lana
High End Escort Lana

About Lana



bomb·​shell | \ˈbäm-ˌshel \

Definition of bombshell 

1a: one that is stunning, amazing, or devastating.

1b: a person who is the cause and object of sensational excitement or attraction

If you’re looking for an understatement to describe Lana, this would probably be it. We’re not even going to begin to explain how well she maintains herself, as this is more than evident from her photos. With that being said, Lana is also perhaps one of the most versatile bombshells (for a lack of a better word) you may encounter. Not only because she’s a dancer and an athlete and a marksman and an officer, but because all these activities of her stand in great contrast against her immensely gentle personality. Many people would expect someone with Lana’s looks te be the last person with a pleasing heart and soul, but she simply is the type of woman who genuinely loves catering to other’s needs. It’s really mind boggling to wrap your around. When Lana told us she’s the kind of woman who can make the most nervous man feel at ease, we asked: are you sure? Have you seen yourself? How can any man keep his heart rate at a healthy pace with someone like you by his side? ‘You haven’t experienced my massage skills yet’, she said with an adorably innocent smile. We wanted to remain professional so did not take her up on that teasing offer (yet), but a few lucky first of our clients have, and even the shyest of them have wholeheartedly confirmed that she hasn’t been over-selling herself. Especially since she hadn’t told us too much about her passionate and creative sex drive… Now that we’ve been told about that too, there’s no doubt about it: Lana is the girlfriend everybody wants. Mind you, she’s continuously educating herself alongside her already busy schedule, including 3¼ jobs (the ¼ being us), so planning ahead isn’t only worth it, it’s key.

I’m actually not that good talking about myself. I’m not sure whether I’ve inherited culturally or whether it’s genetic, but I’m simply much more interested in others. Their wellbeing, their passions, their concerns, their fantasies… I dare to say I’m a pleaser from the deepest part of my core; I genuinely take pride and joy in making someone else feel amazing. It doesn’t only warm my heart, it also turns me on…

Age Category:Late 20’s
Area of Residence:Den Bosch
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Grey
Skin Complexion:Cappuccino
Figure:Slim, Curvy, Hourglass, Busty, Sporty
Cup Size:70F/G
Look-a-Like:Yolanthe Cabeau
Background:Model / Management
Languages:Dutch, English
Favourite Cuisine:Italian, Mexican, Libanees, Turkish
Favourite Drinks:Wine, Champagne, Cocktails, Tea & Juices / Smoothies
Favourite Perfume:Valentino, Chanel Mademoiselle
Favourite Brands:Gucci, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Chanel
Dress Style:Casual Chique & Fashionably  Tempting, Glamour Doll, Fashionable Trendsetter
Smokes:No, but I don’t mind if my company smokes
Affinities:Health & Wellness, Traveling & Fine Dining
Dislikes:Unfortunately I don’t eat pork
Wish List:Lingerie, Jewellery, Shoes or Perfume
Kissing:Yes, but always subjected to hygiene
Duo Dates:No
Best match with:I have yet to find out, but I’m quite easy going
Swingers Clubs:No
Fantasie & Fetish:Yes
A-Level:Sometimes I’m open to A-Levels
Golden Shower:No

Next to her double life as a high class escort, Lana has quite a busy life. Therefore we recommend to always inquire at least a day in advance if you would be interested in booking her.

High End Escort Lana

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