High Class Escort Beau

from the Breda area

I think my best characteristic is the combination of my height and upbeat personality. Contrary to what some people may assume, a tall blonde doesn't have to be intimidating at all! As a typically Dutch social butterfly, I love to play around, laugh and break the ice. Furthermore, it's quite obvious that leg lovers will feel especially at home with me...

Love, Beau
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about Beau

Long legs, platina blonde hair, and tall like Paris Hilton. In fact, we regularly receive feedback about her actually looking a bit like the infamous hotel heiress. Paris Hilton look-a-like or not – Beau is as Dutch as it gets. Born in The Hague, currently living in the Breda area, but available anywhere within the BeNeLux, this high class escort vixen can easily disguise her seductive skills with her happy-go-lucky attitude, but once her spark has been ignited, it becomes a whole different story.

Beau is the kind of approachable person who can get along with pretty much anybody, which makes her super easy to connect with. But beware, this courtesan is a true master of seduction. Take her anywhere by the arm if you wish to go someplace without remaining unnoticed. Ideal for a night at the casino, a fancy dinner, or a private get-together, Beau can make you and everyone around you drown in her magnetic, deep blue eyes. And there will be nobody around to save you…






  • Marketing
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • People; Politics; Nature; Culture
  • Japanese; Italian; Argentinian
  • White wine; Champagne; Cocktails; Juices & smoothies, Water, Tea
  • Viktor & Rolf BonBon; Armani Si
  • Non-smoker
  • Lingerie or Perfume
  • No allergies


Because of her full-time job, Beau is only available on weekdays in the evening hours, provided she knows at least one day in advance. Weekends, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Beau doesn't shy away from a party, so as long as she hasn't made any private plans, she is relatively flexible in the weekends.


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