High Class Escort Lana

from the Den Bosch area

I'm not really someone who easily talks about herself that easily. I don't know if it's cultural or a genetic, but I just find others much more interesting than myself. Their wellbeing, their passions, their concerns, their fantasies... I dare to say I'm a pure pleaser; I can gain true satisfaction and pride out of making someone feel great, important and loved. Not only does it have a heart warming effect on me, it also kind of turns me on...

Love, Lana.
International High Class Escort Service

about Lana

We're not even going to start by explaining how well Lana takes care of herself, as her photographs will clearly show. That said, Lana is probably one of the most versatile glamour models you'll meet. Not only because she's both a dancer and an athlete as a sharpshooter as a civil servant, but above all because all these activities are in stark contrast to her immensely tender personality. At first glance you wouldn't immediately associate someone with Lana's overwhelming looks with such a very warm heart, but she really is the type of woman who lives to take care of, pamper and delight those around her. A bewildering combination. When Lana told us that she can put even the nervous man at ease, we asked: 'With those intimidatingly stunning looks? Are you sure? How can any man keep his heart rate at a healthy pace with someone like you by his side?‘ With a cheeky smile, she replied:You haven't experienced my massage skills...Professional as we are, we knew better than to take her up on that offer, but a few lucky first of our clients have, and even the shyest of them have wholeheartedly confirmed that she hasn’t been over-selling herself. Especially since she hadn’t told us too much yet about her passionate and creative sex drive… Now that we’ve reliably been informed about that too, there’s no doubt about it: Lana is the girlfriend everybody wants. Mind you, she’s continuously educating herself alongside her already busy schedule, including 3¼ jobs (the ¼ being us), so planning ahead isn’t only worth it, it’s key.






  • Model / Management
  • Speaks Dutch and German
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • Martial Arts; Health & Wellness; Travel; Culinary Discoveries
  • Italian; Mexican; Lebanese; Turkish
  • Wine; Champagne; Cocktails; Tea; Juices / Smoothies
  • Valentino, Chanel Mademoiselle
  • Non-smoker
  • Lingerie, Designer Heels or Perfume
  • No Pork


Next to her doublelife as a high class escort, Lana has never sits still. Therefore we recommend to always inquire at least a week in advance if you would be interested in booking her.


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