High End Escort Jasmine

from the Amsterdam area

High End Escort Jasmine

About Jasmine

The first time you saw, read about or heard about a (blonde) high class escort model, someone like Jasmine was probably either what you saw, or what you were picturing. Are we stereotyping? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Stereotypes exist for a reason, but thanks to her slim (but not too skinny), tall (but not too tall) and busty (yet proportionate) physique, her long, wavy blonde locks (yes, that’s 100% real hair) and an eye for ultra-feminine style, we would prefer the term embodiment of a high class escort model instead.

Now, having that said – of course looks aren’t (or at least shouldn’t be) the only thing that counts. Well, you’re in luck. Jasmine is hilarious. And half of the time, she isn’t even aware of it. Jasmine has a certain innocence over her, call it obliviousness, which makes her super adorable. Always being smiley, enthusiastic and spontaneous, her soft and genuinely kind personality becomes her. As a bonus, this makes her super passionate, playful and energetic in the bedroom! Modest as she is, we’re just bragging about it so she doesn’t have to. But please, feel most welcome to judge for yourself…

Age Category:Mid 20’s
Area of Residence:Amsterdam
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Skin Complexion:Caucasion
Figure:Slim, Petite, Busty
Cup Size:70E
Look-a-Like:Cameron Diaz
Background:Social / Psychological
Languages:Dutch, English
Favourite Cuisine:Italian, Japanese
Favourite Drinks:Wine, Champagne, Cocktails, Juices / Smoothies, Water & Tea
Favourite Perfume:Cartier ‘La Panthere’
Favourite Brands:Ted Baker, Louis Vuitton, Bordelle
Dress Style:Fashionable Trendsetter, Fancy, Casual Chique, Haute Couture, Temptingly Sexy
Smokes:No, but I don’t mind if my company smokes
Affinities:Health & Wellness, Design, Traveling & Fine Dining
Dislikes:Unfortunately I’m allergic to pets
Wish List:Perfume, Jewellery, Roses
Orientation:Hetero but Open-Minded
Kissing:Yes, but always subjected to hygiene
Duo Dates:Yes
Best match with:I have yet to find out, but I’m quite easy going
Swingers Clubs:Yes
Fantasie & Fetish:Yes
Golden Shower:Yes

Jasmine has quite a busy and irregular schedule. Therefore we recommend you to inquire for a booking with her at least a day in advance.

High End Escort Jasmine

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