High Class Escort Isabelle

from the Amsterdam area

No matter how small I may be - I always try to be great in my actions, I like to stimulate and let myself be stimulated, both on an erotic and intellectual level, so old music, arthouse films, culinary discoveries and performing arts (especially dance) make me happy and by extension passion, sensuality and a certain urge for discovery play a central role in my daily life, as well as (or rather: right) during my dates, in which my caring character and empathy also come into their own to best effect.

Love, Isabelle.
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about Isabelle

Although this petite high class escort comes from Amsterdam, she is more like a Parisienne: classic, stylish, refined, artistic, sensual and full of passion. By combining her intellect with witty humour and irrepressible lust, Isabelle is a true total picture. Only rarely have we met a lady who is so open minded in life.  

Of course, beauty is a quality that every high class escort should possess by definition, which can manifest itself in several layers. Isabelle’s beauty goes beyond a beautiful face, enchanting eyes, a perfect skin and a beautiful body. Thanks to a certain elusive, naughty and slightly mysterious appearance, Isabelle has something about her that is not easy to name, but that every man and woman immediately grasps in their grip.

Indeed: Isabelle is fully-fledged bisexual (that is to put it mildly) and therefore loves couples, which by the way do not have to consist exclusively of a lady and a gentleman… But even one on one manages to leave this little seductress with an indelible impression and memory. Thanks to a considerable empathic ability Isabelle is able to see in everyone something beautiful from which she then draws attraction and affection. For this caring yet adventurous and especially versatile high class escort is a great escort;






  • Pedagogy and Nature Food
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual chic, elegant sexy
  • From classical to disco to Led Zeppelin, Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Andrew Blake
  • Japanese (especially sushi), Seafood, Fine dining, Vietnamese and Thai. I can also greatly appreciate vega(n) dinners for ethical reasons and their pure preparation.
  • Sake, vodka with ice and lemon, full red wine, dry white wine, spa red with lemon, jasmine tea
  • Lancôme, Marc Jacobs, Ellie Saab, Jimmy Choo and Dior
  • Non-smoker
  • Products from Lush, Pleasurements Gift Voucher and flowers. And oh yes, Lego.
  • My biggest grief is that I'm allergic to dogs.


In addition to her double life as a high class escort, Isabelle has a very varied but busy life. Therefore, if you are interested, we advise you to inquire at least two days in advance about her availability.

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