High Class Escort Eva


Because I have an above average libido and already started my erotic experiments at a fairly young age, taking the plunge into the realm of high class escort perhaps wasn’t as big a leap for me as it may have been for some of my colleagues. It’s safe to say that I’m quite erotically free spirited with both men and women, enabling me to whole heartedly enjoy my double life as a high class escort. However, that does not lessen the fact that I certainly have a soft, romantic and sentimental side as well. I think ‘passion’ is the word that covers everything that drives me and what I embody…

Love, Eva.
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about Eva

Despite the fact that this Limburg high class escort from the Alkmaar region is small in size, not only is her striking bust but also her energetic appearance inescapable. In the beginning still a bit of a 'rough diamond', Eva has now proven her charm, seduction skills and surprisingly gentle side twice and her physical condition gives the impression that she sweats herself several times a week, but seemingly cheats: some of the ladies are blessed with a bunch of genetic windfalls, and Eva is clearly one of them.

A word of caution: chances are that you’ll need a moment to get yourself together again after your initial introductions. Her long, deep red manes, radiant smile, mesmerising blue eyes, beautifully shaped physique, erotic flair, extensive travel experience and sense of style are an ideal composition many would expect from a high class escort. Nevertheless, Eva isn’t the type to turn into a self indulging diva, but has always remained herself: grounded, uncomplicated and sociable. And all that without even pretending, because that simply isn't one of her talents.

High class escort Eva is 100% bisexual and has already experienced a number of extremely successful duo dates. With that said, even if you’re a bit introverted or shy, Eva could very well be one of the most suitable choices as well. With this sassy little chatterbox, you’ll never have to worry about those occasional awkward silences…






  • Model; Student
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • Nostalgia; Politics; Design
  • I'm a proper carnivore.
  • Cocktails; Juices & Smoothies; Water; Tea
  • Chanel Mademoiselle
  • Non-smoker; Accepts smokers
  • Perfume, Vintage Purse, High Heels, Lingerie or simply a nice gesture!
  • No allergies


In addition to her double life as a high class escort, Eva is a frequently traveling freelancer and student. She's also one of the high class escorts for whom we receive the most inquiries. Therefore, we always advise you to submit your application at least two days in advance.

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