High Class Escort Emma

from the Amsterdam area

Gosh, briefly summarising yourself in a few sentences turns out to be quite hard! Then again, I don't think I'm someone one can describe based on a particular category; I guess I'm a little bit of everything. For example, my family sometimes teases me about being this "fashion doll", while some others in my circles describe me as 'cool and down to earth'. Both camps agree on one thing, though: I'm a proper social butterfly. Also, I dare to say I'm pretty good with my hands... In the kitchen, on a keyboard, and, as I've completed several (erotic) massage courses, on the human body as well... ;-)

Love, Emma.

about Emma

Amsterdam born and raised high class escort companion Emma possesses the rare combination of being both slim and a little curvy, also commonly known as "slim-thick".With her long, wavy blonde manes and her upbeat personality, this smiley entrepreneur is able to brighten up any room she walks into without even trying. We were quite surprised to witness how an obviously gorgeous, well traveled and uber-stylish fashionista has maintained such a down to earth mindset, healthy work ethic and substantial long term ambitions.

With that being said – don’t let first impressions deceive you, because she can do both; like a genie, Emma can go from fancy high class escort model to casual next door and back again without breaking a sweat. We’ve seen her in both the highest couture as well as in jeans & sneakers, and somehow she has this je ne sais quois where it’s difficult to determine which look suits her best. Again: the warm, open and spontaneous vibe that Emma radiates is the ruling factor in her appearance and will keep you feeling charmed and fascinated during every single minute you spend with her… every minute you spend with her charm and fascinate…






  • Hospitality
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual Chic; Business Couture
  • Icons from the past; Techno; Travel
  • Asian & Italian; No meat
  • Wine; Champagne; Juices/ & Smoothies
  • Carolina Herrera; Amouage
  • Non-smoker; Accepts smokers
  • Lingerie or Perfume
  • No allergies


Next to her double life as a high class escort, Emma runs her own freelance business. Although this renders her relatively flexible, we do recommend to inquire at least a day in advance if you're interested in meeting her. 

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