High Class Escort Eline

from the Amsterdam area

After a lot of deliberation I finally had the courage to write to Secret Agents, because I was so curious about the world of high class escort, that I just couldn't deny it anymore. After a lot of extensive mail traffic and some personal conversations the feeling of trust overcame my hesitation, and I couldn't wait to get into it! Although at first glance you wouldn't expect it from me at all because of my quiet and neat appearance, I am so naughty that it's actually a shame not to do anything with it.

Love Eline

about Eline

We regularly receive questions from curious ladies who are intrigued by the world of high class escort, but are not yet sure if they all dare to go the way... Because we not only love realistic expectations towards our clients but also (especially!) towards our escorts, many people drop out when we explain ins & outs of the 'profession', except for Eline, who went from being a bit hesitant to becoming more and more enthusiastic, and she wasn't the only one who was enthusiastic when we finally met... What a lovely appearance! It's an extra shame to meet Eline!

Eline is such a typical case of a girl who seems completely innocent, calm and well-behaved at first sight, but in her private life Eline has already had some surprisingly naughty experiences (and not only with men!), which forms an extremely fascinating contrast to her neat appearance... In addition, Eline is simply a textbook example of pure Dutch natural beauty with a healthy, down-to-earth mind, sporty body and lips like candies...






  • Model
  • Speaks Dutch and English
  • Casual chic & fashionable
  • Cooking, horseback riding, pole dancing and gardening
  • Italian & French
  • Wine, champagne, juice/smoothies, tea & water
  • D&G, Calvin Klein
  • Yes, but on request not before and during your date
  • Perfume and lingerie, but I'm also very happy with a nice handbag or nice heels.
  • Allergic to wool


In addition to her double life as a high class escort, Eline is also a freelance model and volunteer, which obviously benefits her flexibility, but she is also very much in demand. Therefore, if you are interested, we advise you to inquire about her availability at least two days in advance.

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