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When we took over high-class escort agency Secret Diamonds little less than a year ago, their portfolio also contained male escorts. In other words: gigolos.

Back then, we decided to primarily remain focused on our core business, female high-class escorts, and had put the idea of high end male escorts on ice for a while. However, as the rumours started to spread among the (aspiring) gigolos throughout The Netherlands, more and more gentlemen started to knock on our door. We now feel that we are ready to broaden our repertoire with this new category, and we proudly present our very first gigolo: Secret Agent James.

Back then, gigolos were fairly unknown grounds to us, so we felt it was important to grant ourselves sufficient time to define our vision of our gigolo concept, and to make sure that our first gigolos bring along some substantial experience. We’re glad to say that our first gigolo certainly meets that criterium. James comes from within our trusted circles and isn’t exactly new to the concept, so we couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the world of high end male escorts.

James is a friendly giant, but his impressively muscular physique proves that he’s also a real man who knows how to handle his business. This rugged yet educated charming gentleman has a dazzling smile and is perfectly aware of the etiquette when it comes to dealing with the ladies. That being said, he’s quite the experienced expert with couples, too!

Curious? Be one of the first to experience a male Secret Agent and please do let us know how much you enjoyed his company…

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