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High class escort is a phenomenon that manifests itself with countless creative interpretations. Because the possibilities are as endless as your own imagination, we understand that you may have some first questions before you book. Can't see the wood for the trees anymore, feeling overwhelmed by all those unfamiliar terminology on our website or still a little unsure about how to make a booking?

Take a look at our FAQ for the answers to some of your initial questions. 

As a high class escort agency, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with exceptional service and unforgettable memories. To get the most out of your appointment, we recommend that you contact us at least a few days in advance if possible. This gives us enough time to guide you through the selection process, discuss the various options, get to know you better and anticipate your preferences so that your escort will be the most perfect match possible. Moreover, our portfolio is often booked up 3 to 5 days in advance due to our position in the market and the exclusivity (read: limited availability) of our escorts. The earlier you submit your request, the greater the chance that the ladies who suit you best are still available.

Unfortunately, many escorts and agency in both the regular and the high class escort segment frequently use fake and / or heavily photoshopped photos. However, at Secret Agents, we take pride in our what-you-see-is-what-you-get philosophy. As you can see, all our high class escorts are photographed in a by one consistent fashion by one and the same photographer in our own studio. After that, only certain giveaways that could reveal our courtesan's identity, such as scars, pigmentation and small tattoos are removed.

Furthermore, our photos are generally less than a year old (except for escorts whose appearance haven't changed one bit) and we guarantee that our photos accurately reflect the appearance of each and every escort. In cases of recently changed external features (such as hair color or length), we always mention this in advance to avoid surprises if her photos have not yet been updated.

Preferably in euros. If you prefer to pay in a foreign currency, please let us know in advance.

We accept online payments via iDeal, credit card and crypto stablecoins including BTC, ETH and USDT. For already known and trusted clients, payments via AMEX and PayPal are also possible. However, due to our placement in an 'elevated risk group' by these payment processors, these forms of payment are subject to +10% transaction fees.

PRIVACY: We use strict discretion in our electronic transactions. On the statement and invoices, a neutral reference is given which cannot be traced back to Secret Agents. We obviously cannot reveal these references as it would defeat its purpose.

Written correspondence is usually received within a businessday. If you e-mail us on Friday evening or submit a web form, it may therefore take until Monday evening before you receive a reply. In 9 out of 10 cases where someone does not receive a reply within one business day, this is due to incorrectly entered contact information on one of our web forms. In other rare cases, it is because the email was accidentally marked as spam.
Finally, the tone/nature of a message may not be up to our standards, so it will also not be taken seriously enough to be replied to.

Apart from a regular Girlfriend Experience, this varies per Agent. The services of each Agent are listed on their individual profiles under the Services heading.

Our high class escorts have proper careers and a future full of potential ahead of them, that could be completely disturbed if their secret side job as a high class escort would ever get exposed. Therefore, only our existing, trusted clients with a positive reputation (our so-called Insiders) enjoy the privilege of requesting a recognisable selfie of certain high class escorts, provided that she actually gives us permission to share.


In addition to your name, please include your age (category), area of residence, interests/affinities, educational and/or professional background, notable physical characteristics, personality type (introverted/submissive/self-assured/superior) and any additional details about yourself that might be useful for your escort to know in advance when they first meet you. since some Secret Agents do not drink alcohol and/or smoke (in their own time), it is also advisable to indicate whether you're a smoker and/or intend to join her in an alcoholic beverage.


Are you usually mainly attracted to intellectual bookworms, the down to earth yet naughty girl next door or perhaps more the glamour model type? Do you have a certain preference in regards to dressing style, lingerie, shoes and / or grooming? Are you looking for a lady who tends to go for deeper connection, or do you prefer someone more more bubbly and lighthearted? The more details you provide us with in regards to your personal taste and preferences, the more accurately we can advise you.


We hope you've taken the time to read our escort profiles and spotted someone who caught your eye attention. Who is she, and why?


What kind of experience are you looking for? Which services / actions are important to you? What is the setting / scenario of your date? What time would you like her to arrive, and how many hours would you like her to stay minimal?


Where do you want to receive her? How long do you want her to stay (minimum)? What would be your ideal time of arrival?

In the high class escort sector, you don't pay for the deed or "per climax", but for the time and attention your escort invests in you from the moment she starts preparing at home, travels to your location and spends with you during your date until the last minute of your booked duration. However, we understand that your expectations reach a little further than simply 'showing up'.

Because both we and our escorts place great value in recurring clients, managing your expectations and fulfilling our agreements is absolute key. That said, provided you're a pleasant, respectful, hygienic and well-groomed gentleman, you can expect everything that can generally be considered part of a Girlfriend Experience. This includes (French) kissing, mutual oral pleasuring and regular sexual intercourse.

Anything that requires above-average preparation (e.g., packing a suitcase full of certain items), increased health risks (e.g., PZC), and/or higher labor intensity (e.g., BDSM) are subject to your escort's agreement, and may be subject to an additional fee by her (in most cases €50-100 per hour or portion thereof in which this additional act occurs). 

To avoid any unwanted surprises, please inform us in advance of any additional services you may be interested in.

A high class escort isn't orderedbut booked. The difference in definition of these two terms directly reflects the fact that some time and effort has to be invested in order to achieve a successful date. We therefore ask you to take this into account if you intend to meet one or more of our high class escorts.

You're most welcome to contact us via any of our contact page .

NB: Incomplete correspondence such as "Who's available?" Or "Can I see pictures of ...?" are automatically marked as spam by our system and filtered out.

In order to guarantee the safety of our high class escorts, we apple a KYC policy. This includes various integrity checks on our new clients. Based on this information we can from a better impression of the type of person you are so we can better assess which type of escort would suit you best. This way, your escort can meet you with total peace of mind and you can assure yourself of a successful, comfortable date. Therefore, it's essential for us as well as for your own benefit to be as open and honest as possible when communicating with us. If you're unwilling or unable to share any details we ask for, we're afraid we're probably not the right agency for you. 

NB: We're called Secret Agents for a reason; discretion and privacy are our core values. We don't store any privacy-sensitive client data, and certainly don't pass it on to third parties (not even to your escort, except for your first name). Furthermore, we don't use any cloud services and - with the exception of regular email and SMS - we're passionate advocates of using end-to-end encrypted platforms.

This is something you have more control over than we. The more details you provide us with regarding your wishes, desires, preferences and expectations, the more accurately we can advise you on the amount you may expect to be investing in your experience.

As usual with any high class escort service, there is an absolute minimum appointment duration of 2 hours. However, if your escort has a single travel time of one hour or more (i.e. 2 hours travel total), the minimum appointment duration equals her total travel time, i.e. there and back.

Recurring clients are eligible to become a so-called Secret Insider. Not every client is eligible to become an Insider. Fore more information about the conditions and benefits of becoming an Insider, please take a look at our Insiders page .

We've taken the liberty to ask this question for you, so you don't have to. If you would do so, we wouldn't consider you as a 'high class client' anymore and you wouldn't qualify for a date with one of our high class escorts. We work with ladies, not cattle, and this is not a marketplace. Please be advised that our courtesans may consider any attempt to negotiate on her body to be an insult.

No. The #1 golden rule within our industry is that it's strictly forbidden to exchange private details. For a variety of reasons, our escorts choose to be represented by our agency over working independently. Asking her to exchange private details puts her in such an uncomfortable position that it can have a negative impact on the atmosphere, and can even result in a premature, non-refundable termination of your appointment. Furthermore, your escort will most probably report such an attempt to us, resulting in us submitting your details to various blacklists that are shared among various escort providers throughout the BeNeLux region.


Fortunately, cancellations that reach us up to 48 hours before an appointment are free of charge. Prepaid bookings may be eligible for a refund minus any previously made expenses such as our transaction fees or hotel bookings. Alternatively, you can also choose to leave your deposit with us and use it for your next booking.

For cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance, a cancellation fee of 50% will be applicable. This amount will be used to compensate you escort for the time she had reserved for you and for other eligible bookings inquiries that have already been rejected due to your reservation. 


Fortunately, it's extremely rare for an escort to cancel an appointment from her side. At the end of the day, however, we're all human beings and sometimes unforeseen circumstances may arise. In the unlikely event that your escort cancels within 24 hours of your appointment, we will discuss with you whether any of her colleagues are eligible to visit you in her place. In case none of her available colleagues sufficiently appeal to you, it goes without saying that your reservation will be cancelled free of charge and you may apply for a full refund.

In the unlikely event that your high class escort doesn't turn out to meet your expectations in terms of appearance, you have the option of terminating your appointment prematurely. To be eligible for a partial refund, you're required to notify us within the first 15 minute, after which only one hour will be charged. If the first 15 minutes of your appointment have already passed, you've already touched or undressed your escort, she refuses to stay because of lack of personal hygiene, inappropriate behaviour, unsuitable location, you'll lose the option of receiving a refund be eligible for a refund. Instead, you'll be required to pay the amount applicable to the minimum booking duration plus any applicable travel expenses.

Yes, it is! With that said, it is still required to contact us during our office hours in order to book your appointment.

In case this is your first booking with us, we advise you to count on having to make pay a deposit in order to verify your integrity. Furthermore, in certain cases you may be required to make a down payment in order to guarantee your reservation, for example:

  • if you wish to make a booking for an appointment more than 2 weeks in advance
  • when we need to cover any expenses upfront (such as tickets, hotel bookings, etc.)
  • when we've received multiple inquiries for the same escort for the same day

Payments can be made online or in cash by sending them through registered mail to our office address.

Our lines automatically close outside of our official office hours. However, if you have an appointment that starts or ends outside our office hours, your phone number will be added to a whitelist, enabling you to reach us throughout your entire appointment. Incoming calls without caller ID are filtered out by our switchboard, so make sure your caller ID is on.

Pre-booking several hours in advance is always more economical than extending your booking on the go. However, in many (but not all) cases, it's also possible to extend your appointment by one or more hours. If you inform us within the first hour of your appointment, the same rate applies as if you had booked these extended hours in advance. If you extend after the first hour, the extended hours will be priced as a new booking.

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