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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How genuine and realistic are your photos?

    We have a strong ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ philosophy, so all our Secret Agents are photographed by our professional in-house photographer, at our own location. We only remove certain details that could make your escort recognizable, such as tattoos and birthmarks. All photos are less than a year old and we guarantee that they accurately reflect the appearance of each escort, with the only exception of variable hair length and/or tone.

  • How much in advance do I have to make an appointment?

    As a High-Class Escort Agency, we continuously push ourselves to provide you with the best possible service. In order to get the most out of your booking, we advise you to contact us at least a couple of days in advance of your preferred booking date if possible. This gives us enough time to provide you with guidance in the selection process, discuss the various options by getting to know you and anticipating on your preferences, in order to ensure the Secret Agent you’ll be meeting will be an as perfect possible match.

    Contrary to popular belief, the type of lady we work with doesn’t sit at home all day, dressed up, shaved, groomed and ‘ready for action’ waiting for us to call her to let her know she has a date. Apart from the fact that she’s still busy studying or actually even has a proper day job already, she also has a busy private life involving friends, family, pets, and in some cases even works as a volunteer as well. Therefore, more escorts only can (and want) to go on a maximum of 1~3 dates a week.

    That being said, we also understand that your available timeframes are limited, and we therefore strive to be able to serve you whenever it suits you. We will always try to find a way and make things work, but unfortunately it won’t always be possible if you contact us less then 24-48 hours in advance due to the aforementioned reasons. Although luck could be on your side when trying to book last-minute, the sooner you can let us know your intentions to book (as well as when and where), the better your chances are that your favorite Secret Agent will indeed be available, or even still be able to make herself available for you.

  • What’s the best way to let you know I’m intending to make a booking?

    You are welcome to contact us through the channels listed on our contact page. Here you’ll also find the various response times specified per channel.

    Please note: High-Class Escort is a people’s business, and we’re people persons. When booking with us for the first time, we require to have spoken to you over the phone at least once before we can accept you as our client. It’s not possible to handle the entire booking process by instant messaging or web chat. Messages such as “Who is available?” or “Send me some pictures” will not be replied to.

  • What do we need from you?

    1. Please introduce yourself truthfully

    Apart from properly introducing yourself with your name, please provide us with your (approximate) age, area of origin, interests, educational and/or professional background, noteworthy physical features, personality type (introverted/submissive/confident/dominant) and any additional details about yourself that may be useful for an escort to know when she’s meeting you for the first time.Additionally, as some of our escorts don’t drink alcohol and/or are smokers in their spare time, please state whether you are a smoker and/or whether you plan on drinking any alcohol together.

    2. Describe your perfect date and the kind of lady that attracts you

    – Are you looking for an educated natural beauty, a down-to-earth girl next-door, perhaps someone more glamorous and sultry?

    – Do you have any lingerie, clothing and/or grooming preferences which we may pass on to your escort?

    – Are you looking to meet with a lady who can go deep intellectually, or do you prefer someone more uncomplicated and light?

    3. Which Secret Agent caught your attention?

    We hope that you’ve taken the time to look through our escort profiles and have found someone who you absolutely adore. Who is she, and why her?

    4. Try to imagine and describe your ideal date

    What kind of an experience are you looking for? Which services / acts are of utmost importance to you? Do you value a proper massage for example? What service is preferred but not mandatory?

    5. When and where will this take place?

    Where would you like to invite your date? How long would you like her to stay (at least)? And at what time should she ideally arrive?

  • Why do I need to provide my full name, age, etc.?

    We ask you to introduce yourself briefly. Information such as who you are, and a description of your appearance is required. We also ask that you express your wishes and preference.

    If you don’t like to share this information with us, we are not the right agency for you. Informing the model about who she is going to meet is essential to us and making sure your profile is compatible is in your best interest.

  • Can I receive pictures of the escorts faces?

    No, unfortunately not. Only our trusted clients, our so-called Insiders, enjoy this privilege. Privacy is very important to us; therefore, we don’t share anything without having your full disclosure and positive feedback from our Secret Agents.

  • How do I become an Insider?

    Becoming an Insider is not just for everyone, feel welcome to have a look on our Insiders page to see whether you’re eligible.

  • What is included in the rate?

    Officially in the high-class escort sector, you pay for the time an escort invests in you from the moment that she starts her preparations at home until the last minute of your booked hours. However, we all understand that you do have certain expectations that exceed ‘just showing up’. Because both we and our escorts value returning clients, we find expectation setting and fulfilment extremely important. With that said – provided that you are a kind, respectful, hygienic and well-groomed gentleman, you may expect everything that generally may be considered part of a wholesome girlfriend experience. This includes (French) kissing, mutual oral pleasuring, and sexual intercourse. Anything that involves increased preparation efforts (e.g. packing a case full of particular items), elevated health risks (e.g. OWO) and/or a higher labor intensity (e.g. BDSM) may be subjected to an extra charge. These are entirely up to your escort’s own discretion. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, please inquire in advance about any potential extra charges that may apply to your request(s).

  • Are there any ‘hidden’ extra fees?

    We would certainly hope not! The more thorough you are in your request (see the section above), the better we can avoid any unexpected extra fees.

  • Which services do the escorts provide?

    Apart from a regular Girlfriend Experience, this varies very much per escort. Each escort’s services are stated on their individual profiles under the ‘Sexual Preferences’ tab.

  • Are the rates negotiable?

    We’re asking this for you so you don’t have to, because if you did, we would no longer consider you an eligible high-class escort client.

  • What if the escort is not what I expected?

    In case of the unlikely event where your escort turns out not to be what you expected due to poor presentation in terms of appearance or to be unsuitable for the occasion of your booking, there is a possibility to terminate your appointment prematurely. In order to be eligible for a partial refund, you are required to notify us within the first 15 minutes of your booking. In this case, only 1 hour of your escort rate will be charged. If the first 15 minutes of your appointment have already passed, you already touched or stripped your escort, she refuses to stay due to your lack in your personal hygiene, an inappropriate location, behavior or attitude, or if your booking takes place abroad, the premature cancellation of your appointment is not eligible for any refund. In this case you will be asked to pay for the time you reserved or the minimum booking duration, which may be dependent on your escort’s travel time. This amount will be charged for your escort’s pre-reserved time, preparation, holding off other booking requests and traveling time to your location.

  • What is the minimum duration for a Secret Agent to meet me?

    The absolute minimum is two hours, provided that your escort’s total travel time (back and forth) doesn’t exceed 1 hour. In all other cases, the minimum booking duration equals your escort’s total travel time +1 hour.

  • What if I’d like to extend my appointment?

    Booking multiple hours upfront is always more cost-effective than extending during your booking. However, in many (but not all) cases, it’s also possible to extend your appointment by one or more hours. In case you do so within the 1st hour of your appointment, we will still apply the same discount as we would if you would have booked these extended hours upfront. In case you extend after the 1st hour, the pricing of the extended hours will be treated as a new booking.

  • Can I have a meeting after midnight?

    Of course. But your meeting will have to be arranged during our office hours.

  • Can I reach you after your office hours or during the weekend if it concerns an existing booking?

    Of course! When finalizing last minute details of your meeting, you will be given a mobile number that will be available to you outside of office hours.

  • Can I contact a Secret Agent directly?

    No. This is a golden rule among high class escort agencies. Please understand that the Secret Agents have chosen to be represented by an agency for a reason. Asking her to exchange private details will put her in an awkward position which may influence the atmosphere of your appointment and can even result in a premature ending of your date without a refund.

  • I did not receive a reply to my e-mail. Why?

    We usually reply to your email within 24 business hours. If you email us on a Friday, it may take until Monday for you to receive a reply. In 9 out of 10 cases where clients don’t receive a reply within 24 hours, it’s because they have misspelled their contact details. In other rare cases, it’s because their email has accidentally been flagged as spam, resulting in us never seeing it.

    NB: Please make sure your email sounds just as clear, friendly and respectful as you would speak to your escort.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

    In most cases, you don’t. However, in certain cases, a deposit can be advised or even required in order to secure your reservation, such as:

    • when you would like to book an appointment which is about to take place more than 2 weeks from now

    • when you book with us for the first time and your escort has to travel for an hour or longer

    • when we don’t know you yet and aren’t able to find sufficiently satisfying background information about you

    • when we receive multiple booking requests for your escort for the same day

    • when your name pops up in one of the ‘blacklists’ which are shared among various agencies and independent escorts

    Deposits can be paid online or by registered mail to our office addres

  • Which payment methods do you accept?


    We prefer dealing with your payment in EUR. If you wish to settle in another currency, please let us know in advance.


    We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    Due to our placement into an ‘increased risk category’ by the payment processors involved, a +10% handling fee applies on all forms of electronic payment.

    PayPal and online banking

    We accept payments via PayPal, iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, KBC/CBC, Belfius and Bitcoin.

    Due to our placement into an ‘increased risk category’ by the payment processors involved, a +10% handling fee applies on all forms of electronic payment.

    PRIVACY NOTICE: We apply strict discretion when billing is concerned. Your payment will never reference Secret Agents but a different, neutral vendor reference instead.

    We obviously cannot mention those references here, as that would kind of defeat their purpose wouldn’t it?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Oh no! Luckily, cancellations are free of charge up until 48 hours before your meeting. Any pre-paid deposits can be refunded after deducting our payment processor’s handling fees. Alternatively, you can also choose to leave your deposit with us and use it for your next booking. Saves you money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Cancellations made less than 48-hour in advance are subjected to a 50% cancellation fee. This amount will be 100% attributed to your escort in order to compensate her for the time she had reserved for you, and for other inquiries that had already been rejected due to her reservation with you.

    What if my escort cancels our appointment?

    Even more unfortunate, yet luckily very rare. However, at the end of the day we are all human beings, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances can occur. In the event where your escort cancels within 24 hours in advance of your appointment, we will suggest to discuss with you whether any of her colleague escorts would be eligible to come on her behalf.

    In case none of her colleagues appeal to you enough for an appointment to still take place, it goes without saying that your booking will be cancelled free of charge. In case you had already made a deposit, you’re eligible for a full refund of the deposited amount.