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With the advent of sites like and, sex movies with a story are a thing of the past, but sometimes a little story in an exciting film is so pleasant.

If the short clips on the porn sites mentioned above are supposed to represent a reflection of our sex life, then that's a quick one. And let's be honest: a quick one is exactly what the word means. Before you know it, you're ready and you think: 'Was that it?' If we want to see eroticism wrapped up in a good story, which ironically makes the sex more real than when you see 'real' sex, then we have a great alternative. Netflix. But because there's no erotic collection button on the streaming service, it's just a matter of searching (and looking!). And what do you think? We did that preliminary work for you.

High class escort and chemistry, just like in The Affair
Plenty of chemistry in The Affair

The Affair

Where would this series Exactly. The story is about Noah Solloway and Alison Bailey and the emotional impact of their extramarital relationship. The two meet in the beach village of Montauk on Long Island on the east coast of the U.S. Noah is a teacher who, after writing a debut novel, is struggling to make a sequel. He is married and father of four. Alison is a young waitress who is trying to get her life and marriage back on track after her child died. What's so good about The Affair is that you notice that between the protagonists Dominic West and Ruth Wilson there is a crackling chemistry The erotic scenes in this series, which now spans four seasons, are quite exciting. The members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, responsible for the Golden Globes election, apparently felt the same way, as the series won a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Drama in January 2015 at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, with a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Television Series Drama also for Ruth Wilson. Award-winning erotica, so to speak.

A trio with a high class escort in Newness
In Newness a lot of experimentation takes place


This is a movie about boy meets girl in times of Tinder. At first it's the millennials Nicholas and Laia to do the sex, but soon they fall in love and a relationship is created from which the spatters fly away. So much so that in the end there is not a drop of love left and the relationship threatens to evaporate. To still save what there is to save, the couple decide to go back to af and start an open relationship. That's all we're saying, otherwise the fun is gone. Newness is one of the most exciting films we've seen on Netflix and yet the title is for 12 years and older. Which again indicates that the excitement is often in what you don't see.

In You Me Her, a high class escort starts a relationship with a couple.
Luckily no negative image of high-class escorts

You Me Her

Here we come to familiar territory. You Me Her revolves around Jack (Greg Poehler) and Emma (Rachel Blanchard), a couple who seem like the perfect couple, but seem to be missing some excitement. Outside of Emma, Jack engages a high class escort called Izzy and that goes just as well, until Emma finds out that Jack is looking for his physical pleasures outside, when she decides to meet up with Izzy. And that leads in the first season to a complicated situation full of love, acceptance, quarrel and sex.

Although the trio soon ends up in a polyamorous love affair, that life isn't entirely about roses. You can see that especially in the second and third seasons of the series, which fortunately goes a little deeper into polyamory or having more than one love affair. Why is this sexy series so much fun? Is it the charming Izzy? Is it because polyamory is a fascinating subject? Perhaps a combination of the two, plus the fact that the series shows people who are far from perfect. What we at Secret Agents Magazine like about it is that the life of a high class escort - though not entirely truthful - is at least sunnier and more realistic than in most series and films. Here no pimp/madam situations with booze, drugs and oppression. That's so cliché and beside (our) truth. After the next season five, the curtain falls for this series that shows just a different form of love than most of us are used to.

High class escort and creative with sexuality
What's wrong with a bed? Easy is different.


 In each episode, we follow a different character in Chicago, trying to find his or her way through the modern maze of love. The series is funny, lifelike and above all very sexy. Several websites claim that Easy has the best sex scenes that can be found on Netflix. In a review of the second season on the website Vulture the headline was: 'Easy is still one of the best series nobody talks about.' And we could put that headline above this review as well. Once you get started and you're looking for a relaxing series full of steamy scenes, this is your thing. There's also an episode with Orlando Bloom, and one with the super sexy Emily Ratajkowski.


International High Class Escort Service Europe
The Brazilians know how to deal with steamy scenes

Coisa corn Linda

A Brazilian series with only beautiful, sensual women, set in the Rio de Janeiro of 1959, when Bossa Nova was still nova and the sun was always shining. That is Coisa Mais LindaBut Coisa Mais Linda is also a series that advocates female empowerment, because you don't fuck with these ladies. Only when they are open to it. The series revolves around Maria 'Malu' Luiza (Maria Casadevallas), a wealthy woman from São Paulo, who is moving to Rio de Janeiro. In Rio she wants to open a restaurant with her husband. When he leaves her and leaves her destitute, Malu decides to turn the restaurant into a Bossa Nova Club. The story seems thin, but the performance and acting is great and compelling. There will be a second season and that's good to know, especially if you've seen the last episode. But above all, the series is full of eroticism. Even the flirting in this series is super exciting. Leave that to those Brazilians.

Outlander is fantasy with quite a bit of sex


In the first season of this fantasy series We meet Claire Randall. Claire is a young woman who works as a nurse during the Second World War and is married to Frank Randall. When she and her husband spend a few days in Iverness in Scotland, she is mysteriously transported to the past. She ends up in the year 1743, and before she has even a moment to realise what's going on, she is cornered by the evil Captain Jonathan 'Black Jack' Randall. Fortunately, there are a number of proud Scottish Highlanders around who help her. Because of her medical knowledge, Claire is a valuable addition to the company, and the Scots decide to take her to Leoch Castle. But all Claire wants is to return to the twentieth century as soon as possible. The series is enchantingly beautiful, especially the wild natural landscapes, and contains plenty of erotic scenes to spice up the whole thing. Go and see for yourself.

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