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A Gentleman’s Guide for The Ultimate Experience

Code of Conduct

Contrary to popular belief, chemistry between two (or three) individuals isn’t for sale by default, and booking companionship is a world’s difference from ‘ordering’ a product or service. Your high class escort is a human being, with feelings, emotions and values. She’s a lady, and although she’s here to bless you with various means of pleasure and affection, she responds to so much more than just a full enveloppe. To our Secret Agents, there is no such thing as a routine.

Your rendez-vous with one of our high class escorts is just as much as an adventure to them, as it is to you.

We’re all about creating as perfect as possible matches and beautiful memories. However, it always takes two to tango, so please take our following points of advice to heart in order to create and maintain an as pleasant as possible atmosphere.

The Golden Rule

We work tirelessly and are exceptionally dedicated to accomplish expectation-exceeding experiences and heavenly memories for our clients. With that being said, we are also quite aware of the reason why some clients would like to contact their escort directly next time: hoping to pay less in the future and/or even to become casual friends with benefits, for example. However, the type of escorts we work with have chosen to work with an agency over working independently for reason, as they wish to keep their temporary naughty part-time side job completely separate from their private lives. Proposing to exchange of personal details with your high class escort not only places your escort in an awkward position. It puts her in front of an uncomfortable dilemma as well: turning you down, or betraying us. Quite frankly, we also consider such an attempt stealing. Stealing is cheap and disrespectful. There’s nothing high class about it. Please don’t steal from us and spare us the hassle and yourself the risk of getting blacklisted and reported to various shared client reputation databases.


It doesn’t take much effort to make sure your high class escort doesn’t turn thirsty, hungry, or cold. Just remember to keep paying attention to her well being and comfort. Furthermore, make sure your high class escort is welcomed in a clean and tidy environment. This doesn’t only apply to your hotel suite or home, but also to the host(s): you. A high class escort isn’t impressed by money, but by your little gestures of effort. Keep in mind that a high class escort is more than just a sex object who lives to fulfill your sexual needs and/or fantasies. Although erotic intimacy naturally is a key ingredient of your rendez-vous, it’s important to remember that you’re not in a brothel; you’re on a date, which includes various aspects of connecting both physically, mentally and emotionally.

In short: The better she feels, the happier she is, and guess who’s the lucky one to enjoy the benefits of that?


It should go without saying that it’s not done to negotiate on a classy lady’s companionship. As your Secret Agent isn’t cattle, and you’re not on an open market, attempts to talk your Secret Agent into a bargain, as well as any form of rudeness, misplaced sarcasm, arrogance, verbal or physical aggression, will not not appreciated, and may result in premature or even immediate termination of your rendez-vous.


In order to avoid any awkward finance related situations, please make sure you have your Secret Agent’s compensation prepared and ready for the agreed duration of your appointment, and fulfil the payment within 10 minutes after arrival. In case you wish to extend your appointment (and provided that this is indeed possible), please make sure you are able to complete the payment for the extra hour(s) before the extended period starts, cash or online / by card.


We guarantee that our Secret Agent is always freshly showered and groomed when you receive her. Therefore, please make sure that you do not suffer from any body odour either, your dental hygiene is in order and your hands are clean. Even if you plan on having a shower together with your Secret Agent, there’s no impression like a first impression, and she will definitely appreciate you taking the effort of receiving her in your best state.


There is nothing wrong with bringing a Secret Agent into a little house or hotel room party. However, if things get frisky, she shall only be undressed and touched by one gentleman, and behind closed doors (unless agreed on otherwise in advance). If she is open to intimate exposure / contact with more than one gentleman, that is up to her discretion. In this case, a surcharge per extra person is applicable.