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A Gentleman’s Guide for The Ultimate Experience


Contrary to popular belief, chemistry between two (or three) people isn't for sale by definition. Therefore, booking a high class escort can't be prepared to ordering a conventional service online. After all, a high class escort is "just" a human being al well, with feelings, norms and values. She's a lady, and despite her passion to immerse her client in sheer pleasure and bliss, high class escorts respond to so much more than just a filled envelope. For our Agents, there's no question of routine work or just doing something because they're getting paid for it.

Your date is just as exciting for your high class escort as it is for you.

One of our core objectives is to create a match as perfect as possible, resulting in an unforgettable experience. However, it takes two to tango, so we advise you to take our following advice to heart in order to ensure that your date exceeds all your expectations...



Both we as well as our high class escorts are very much aware why you might want to exchange contact details with her: You want to feel special, different from her other clients; you might even aim to reduce your spending on her company and become 'friends with benefits' or even more than that. The reality is that the type of escort we work with chooses to with a agency like us because they wish to keep this secret, undercover part of their lives separated from their regular lives and careers. By attempting to exchange contact details, you don't only put your escort between a rock (turning you down) and a hard place (breaching our trust), but we also consider this as a way of cheating or even "stealing". An attempt as such will result in your details being submitted to various blacklists which are shared between different providers in the industry.


Let's be honest - it really doesn't take a that much effort to prevent your high class escort from getting thirsty, hungry or cold. Also, a cluttered and/or messy room doesn't contribute to a good first impression. We simply ask you to not forget to pay attention to her convenience and comfort, and would like to to remind you that a high class escort isn't a sex machine that just comes over to immediately focus on satisfying your erotic needs. She's a lady who's invested time and effort in you not only during, but also prior to your date. An approach in the line of "I'm paying you, so you do as I please." may result in an unpleasant premature termination of your date. It goes without saying that eroticism is an essential ingredient of your date, but that doesn't take away the fact that it still is exactly that: a date. Thus, please treat your escort with at least as much respect as you would do during a regular unpaid date. Summarized: The more comfortable and appreciated your high class escort feels, the more she'll appreciate you. And guess who's the one to benefit from that...


It should go without saying that it isn't classy to bargain on a lady. Our agents aren't cattle, but civilised courtesans with class and self-esteem. Because we're an escort agency and not a market place, we apply a zero tolerance policy on any attempts to negotiate rates, as well as any kind of rudeness, misplaced sarcasm, arrogance or physical or verbal violence. Misbehaviour as such will result in a premature termination of your date without any restitution, followed by a report on various shared blacklists.


Secret Agents guarantees that you'll always receive your high class escort in a clean, groomed and good-humoured condition. With that being said, they also have sense of smell and taste just like you do. Please be advised to receive your companion in a clean and tidy condition as well. If you find (French) kissing important, please pay close attention to your oral hygiene, even if you plan to take a shower together beforehand. You only get to make one first impression, so your efforts to receive her at your very best will be noticeably appreciated and rewarded...


To avoid any awkward money-related situations, please make sure to prepare your escort's fee (preferably in an envelope) and fulfil payment for the entire amount within 10 minutes after her arrival. In case you wish to extend your date, please ensure that you're able to pay the applicable fee before the extended period commences. In case you don't have immediate access to sufficient cash for the extension of your date, we can gladly provide you with a payment link for any form of online payments, including BitCoin. After we have verified payment, we'll inform your escort that she can proceed with your date.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with proposing to bring a high class escort to your house or hotel party, but as soon as the temperature rises, she will only undress for and be touched by you and you only, and behind closed doors, unless otherwise agreed. In case your high class escort is open to intimacy and / or being watched or touched by other attendees, a surcharge per person will apply.

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