Being caressed can be as enjoyable as an orgasm

Well, almost as fine then. But I want your attention. Hence that curious headline above this piece. I want your attention, because this is a beautiful and educational story.

It's about caressing. Not about massaging, which can be very nice, but going over the body parts of your high-class escort with your fingertips. You score a lot of karma points with that! At least, if this beauty likes to be caressed. Try to find out first, because some women like it and some don't. And you don't do it for yourself, but for her. By the way, that's not entirely true, because believe me: if you do it right, you get a lot of nice attention in return.

Dealing with a high class escort
With a woman who likes caressing, you score points

Grand Master itch

As a grandchild, I loved caressing. You read it well. I mean really grandchild and not a small child, because my grandmother was ticklish, as I called caressing when I was 12. I don't know when and with what it started, those long weekend sessions, where I went to watch television and my grandmother sat obliquely behind me and started caressing me for hours, undressing me more and more because every part of my body had to be treated. But what I do remember is that my mother declared us crazy.

Buttocks to the back

However, she allowed it, because when I enjoyed it, she was happy. And for a moment, she wasn't bothered by her demanding mother, who was in a trance about her scribbling job. She did it phenomenally. A year before I got to know another kind of climax, this was the highlight of my week. I swear to you. Nothing was so good about those fingertips... U-turns on my arms, shoulders, head, legs and buttocks. Yeah, really. Sometimes I'd sit in my bare ass on the couch and push my butt back so my grandmother could get better at it.

Deviating Highlight

Not only because my grandmother hasn't been around for a long time, but because as an adult you've learned that certain things can and certain things can't be done. But as an innocent child of twelve and a crazy grandmother of sixty, you regret that.

When I became an adult and began to devote myself and my loved ones to the anomalous climax mentioned earlier, I was still caressed, but for a short time, with the aim of getting things going. Not as a stand-alone happening.

Ultimate relaxation

Until a while ago, I held a woman in my arms who reminded me of my grandmother. Normally, that wouldn't be much of a compliment, but this beautiful woman loves to be caressed and caressed. And not necessarily in bed. But in television. Only during a Netflix action series, she doesn't give at home. Because that's too exciting for this form of ultimate relaxation. But apart from that: as long as possible. And I seem to be able to do it well, because regularly she makes sounds that leave nothing to the imagination. I'm even allowed to sit at her feet, whereas until recently that was really forbidden territory.

Stroke tips

Here are my caress tips. If you take them to heart, you'll score so many extra points with your high-class escort that they'll never forget you in a positive way.

We assume in this case that she lies in her bra and pants next to you on her side with her back towards you. You lie behind her with enough space to move freely with your hand and fingers.

Caress with the tips of two or three fingers max and try to put as little pressure on her skin as possible. Do it so lightly that your fingers sometimes do not touch her skin.

Go from top to bottom, but not in too much of a hurry. Start at her neck and go up with your fingers to something over the hairline. Don't stroke through her hair. Women don't like that, because before you know it, her haircut gets really messed up.

Don't scratch from top to bottom and from bottom to top. On the contrary, it's nice to do it as directed and as slow as possible. But don't stay on one slice for too long either. When you've done her neck, stroke her shoulder blades, go with your fingertips along her only free arm (not the arm she's lying on, because of course you can't).

After a few minutes, slowly go down along her vertebra and stroke - the vertebra is horizontal - above the vertebra and below the vertebra. But also go down along her vertebra with your fingers.

When you get to her buttocks, you skip it. You pick up the caressing again at the top of her hind legs, where her hamstrings are. This is a very sensitive area, so try to put a little more pressure, if you don't want her to start giggling. That's okay, but it breaks the magic.

You descend further down to her calves and you slowly go up again. And now you caress her buttocks along the pants. What you do with your fingers is entirely up to you.

Caressing. And not necessarily with a happy endingI highly recommend it.

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