The view from 69 is gorgeous

Shall we do it? Shall we talk about soixante-neuf If only because the view's great at 69.

What's soixante-neuf In the book 'Ik, Jan Cremer' (I, Jan Cremer), the author asks himself this in France. It's a good joke, but it also shows how well established the word is in the Dutch language.

69 and high class escort
Soixante neuf is turning the world upside down

Sex is good for everything

Soixante-neuf, or position 69, is a sexual position, the position of which is already indicated by the number 69: one of the two partners lies on the back or on the side, the other chooses position above or next to the partner, but turned 180° so that the stockings can satisfy each other orally at the same time. In this Secret Agents Magazine we like to talk about sex. Sex is good for everything. For your mood, for your physical, for your masculinity (and femininity) and for your mind. And it has been proven that making love keeps you young and attractive.

Soixante-neufen what seems healthy sex according to an ancient scripture found in a sacred cave on the island... Elephanta In the vicinity of Munbai in India, this position made men healthier and older, although it should be noted that according to the sculptures, which were also found in that temple, the man stood and held the woman upside down, a workout that you say to yourself.

Let's see where that brilliant, all-saying name soixante-neuf Even though the score itself was already in the Kamasutrait seems that the famous and notorious French courtesan, speaker and French Revolution leader Theroigne de Mericourt came up with the word around 1790. She spread it lavishly around in the Catéchism Libertin Theroigne spent the last 20 years of her life in a closed institution, utterly weedy, not knowing that her plastic expression for a special sex stand would become a worldwide tribute to the French language.


Ultrasonic waves

Back to the present tense. Why is soixante-neufen so healthy? A while ago, there were Beauty experts who claimed that... sperminea powerful antioxidant and a spermicidal ingredient, keeps the skin soft, supple and tighter. The Norwegian company Bioforskning This ingredient is imitated in laboratories and sold as an ingredient for beauty products. ˜Women who want to try it out, can for the time being only go to the Townhouse Spa For 180 euros you get a small amount of sperm on your face and your skin is further treated with ultrasonic waves and infrared light.

The woman is also a mini beauty factory. Vaginal fluid consists to a large extent of  lactobacillusand that's the bacteria that's also in your intestinal system and proof that probiotics to be so good to you. According to contemporary science, taking care of probiotics for your immune system to become stronger, for fats to be converted into muscle mass when you move, and for your state of mind to generally be boosted. Sounds goodisn't it?

How good her love juices are for the inner man is proven by a company that - don't worry - makes vaginal beer. Beer brewed with the kind of yeast that comes from the woman's lower regions. If you don't believe it, check out this video.


A 69 top three

But apart from all that, apart from all the benefits for beauty and health, is soixante-neufen A wonderful, unforgettable and super exciting activity. When she turns on you, it begins with the most beautiful view in the world. In a place where the sun is always shining and everything is in bloom.

The American edition of the women's magazine Cosmopolitan put together a top three as to why men like 69 so much. Mind you, the following is written from the woman.

1. It is the only form of multitasking men are good at. He may come down on you while you go down on him. In this world, you would like to believe that if you give, you will receive, but sometimes people are not so attentive. At 69, you give and receive. Both men and women. Women are used to that. Men are not. So, literally, a new world is opening up to them and they like it! In that respect, it is just a clever and efficient foreplay.

2. What a man finds very exciting is that he hears you moaning while you're busy with him. Unless you satisfy him very enthusiastically with your mouth, that's a sound he rarely hears. And rest assured, it's a super sexy sound!

3. If you look closely at our love spot, you will see when we are excited nature in full bloom. To sit there as a man with your nose on top, or in this case: lying down, is a feast for the senses.


Finally a thriller

For those who can't get enough of 69, here's an extra tip: the erotic thriller Soixante Neufwritten by Sandrine Jolie, a pseudonym for the Dutch writer Linda van Rijn. Here's the synopsis:

As in sex club  Soixante Neuf shortly after each other two corpses are found in positions from the KamasutraThe police decide on a top-secret undercover operation. Agent Sanne Romeijn is recalled from vacation. She's the only one who can infiltrate as a luxury call girl to find out who the Kamasutra-killer is and why the victims were left behind like this.

After her successful job interview with owner Ramses Barbino, Sandy G. soon becomes one of the most popular girls of the club. In order to expose the killer, Sanne has to go far, even beyond her own borders. Just when Sanne thinks she's on the trail of the perpetrator, a new victim falls. Sanne has to do everything she can to prevent the Kamasutra-killer from striking again.

Kinky and exciting!

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