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Dealing with a high class escort

Being caressed can be as enjoyable as an orgasm

Well, almost as fine then. But I want your attention. Hence that curious headline above this piece. I want your attention, because this is a beautiful and instructive story. It's about caressing. Not about massaging, which can be very nice, but with your fingertips over the body parts of your high-class

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Driving with your mind on full throttle

When he's in a traffic jam, he usually caused it himself. Our Secret Agents editor loves cars, but cars don't love him. A long, long time ago he got a crash course at the Circuit of Zandvoort from racing legend Michael Bleekemolen. Now Michael and his two racing sons, Jeroen and Sebastiaan, will soon be back on the scene.

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Secret Agents' favourite hotels in Amsterdam

No more exciting place in a city, resort or destination than a sensual hotel. That's why here are the personal high class escorts' top 10 favourite hotels in Amsterdam. First, a piece of hotel history. Or rather, it's part of that history. Facilities that offer guests hospitality,

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The perfect perfume for high class escort

Open letter to a scenting magician

If you want to surprise a high-class escort with an attention that she will always be happy with, then it's with a perfume. The only question is: with which scent? You can go on sure and take a look at the bio of the secret agent in question. Between the personal details there is also her

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Yoni and high class escort

Yoni is the most beautiful word for her jewel

Isn't it about time we came up with another name for the female sex organ? Because the three letter word that starts with a k is downright k. Let's first name what we can interpret with appropriate words. And then we start from what we see when a woman's legs are a small

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69 and high class escort

The view from 69 is gorgeous

Shall we do it? Shall we talk about soixante-neuf? We just do it. If only because the view is great at 69. "What is soixante-neuf in French?" In the book 'I, Jan Cremer', the author asks himself this in France. It's a good joke, but it also gives

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A trio with a high class escort in Newness

Erotica on Netflix

With the advent of sites like and, sex movies with a story are a thing of the past. But sometimes a little story in an exciting film is so pleasant. If the short clips on the porn sites mentioned above are supposed to represent a reflection of our sex life, then it's made up of quick fixes. And let's be honest: a

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The rewarding feeling of being courteous

If you really want to have a good time with a woman, even if the gathering and intimacy is relatively short, then you'll have to court her. Hofmakerij. Nowadays, many people don't even know what this concept from long ago means. On Google I read a nice definition of a

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European high class escort courtesans Amsterdam The Hague Rotterdam Utrecht Eindhoven

Bond's cars & Bond girls

Last weekend marked the 70th anniversary of writer Ian Fleming's first James Bond book, and the world's most famous secret agent is now in his 25th film adventure. When the annual Oscars were awarded last night in Hollywood, 18-year-old multiple Grammy winner and singer Billie Eilish was due to premiere...

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The Liberator allows you to penetrate more deeply

Savouring freedom with the Liberator

The special cushions for extra comfortable sex have been on my bucket list for years. Time to start ticking. When I started working for the Dutch Playboy years ago and the editors were the first to receive the American edition every month, of course my attention was drawn to the beautiful articles and the exciting photos, but also

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