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Our origin

Welcome to Secret Agents: founded in 2014, now one of the Netherlands' most prominent and respected high class escort agencies, represented by stylish, Dutch, undercover part-time high class escort models and companions. Secret Agents come from various Dutch and Belgian regions such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Breda, Eindhoven, Limburg, Nijmegen, Antwerp and Brussels.

Secret Agents is the brainchild of Nancy en Les; a fresh and entrepreneurial couple with professional backgrounds in the legal, tech and event sector, who have composed their formula from both a male and a female point of view in which a warm, personal approach and dedication are key. This is reflected by the enthusiasm and dedication with which our high class escorts approach their bookings, which in its turn results in our impeccable reputation.

Why "Secret agents"?

In addition to their regular daily grind, the beauties in our portfolio – some still a student, others already fulfilling a substantial career – crawl into the skin of their secret alter egos, to whom a set of very different (and especially less) rules apply than in their daily lives. Decorated in dazzling, luxurious, handmade designer lingerie, they drape themselves into one of their secret escort wardrobe's outfits following their soothing yet exciting bathroom ritual. Finally, they discretely travel to our valued clients in order to indulge themselves and each other in cosy, enticing, romantic, seductive, playful and erotic adventures.

The characteristic of a Secret Agent is that if you would observe her in daily life, a side activity as a high class escort is the last thing you would expect, not because she couldn't be, but because she doesn't seem to be the type for it. But appearances is deceiving, and that's a good thing, because these high class escorts have too much to lose in terms of career and / or private if their naughty side job would ever be known. On the other hand, that's just the kick they get out of it: earning a little extra while doing what they love. Top Secret, just like an undercover agent.

And thus: Secret Agents.

Our mission

Despite the fact that we're a part of a higher tier, we maintain an open and warm company culture in which both client and escort feel understood, appreciated and supported. They feel at home. Where many other agencies (and escorts for that matter) are looking to make a quick fortune, we tirelessly dedicate ourselves to exceed expectations and build and maintain long-term relationships. Therefore, our mission is:

Creating beautiful, unforgettable and life-lasting memories for both client and high class escort.

Our vision

Because we, as a couple, approach our services from both a male and a female perspective, we are not only able to fulfill the wishes of our clients in an extremely tight way, but also high class escorts end up in a warm bath and feel sincerely appreciated. This creates a mutual gun factor with the result that they can be the best version of themselves during their dates in complete peace of mind.

Each agency can simply charge a rate of €350 per hour and a minimum booking duration of 2 hours. However, at Secret Agents we are of the opinion that such a rate should also be credibly substantiated. That is why there are different rates for different Agents that start at €600 or €700 for the first two hours, based on demand, supply (read: availability) and feedback from our clients.

Instead of preparing starting high class escorts “to become sophisticated, commercial professionals, we prefer to help our high class escorts to develop naturally over time in a way that allows them to joy Because even high class escorts are simply people in the end, this process is faster for some escorts than for others. For this reason starting escorts with us during their first weeks or months start with a try-out phase as a so-called Debutante.This mutual acquaintance period offers a starting high class escort the opportunity to get acquainted with our way of working and our clientele on the one hand, and on the other hand it gives her the time and space to perfect her skills and to invest her first merits in a high quality escort wardrobe and/or accessories. Because of the inexperience associated with Debutantes, they can only be booked by our InsidersBecause our Insiders respect that a starting high class escort doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, they can meet Debutantes once at an appropriate introductory rate. As soon as we have received sufficient positive feedback on a Debutante, she promotes to full-fledged Secret Agent.

Finally, I would like to thank you for

We would like to give you another warm welcome to our website and thank you very much for the interest you have invested in our agency. We hope that you will meet us and that we can get to know you as well, so that together we can realize unforgettable memories. Feel free to ask us all your questions about our high class escorts, our service, our company or ourselves.

You'll love us. We promise.

Warm greetings, Nancy & Les

Pleased to meet you!

We are...



My name is Nancy, and I am co-founder of Secret Agents. Contrary to common assumptions, at the time I was considering starting a high class escort agency I didn't have any experience or affinity with the erotic industry, but during my legal career I did have a sideline job in the high class poker scene, where I was surrounded by people on both sides of the 'escort spectrum', so at the time I was able to watch from the sidelines and make a first impression. The fun and less fun aspects I witnessed at that time, the fun and less fun aspects I was witnessing at the time. colliery Because I myself come from Amsterdam, I wanted to establish my office in Amsterdam as well, but unfortunately she didn't issue any new permits anymore. At a certain moment I heard by accident that one of the two escort permits made available by the city of Leiden was released, so I decided to seize this opportunity with both hands, and a few months later my first escort permit was a fact.

As a young, independent woman with a strong empathic capacity, I wanted to focus on an approach from a woman's point of view, but having said that, I'm not the kind of person who fits in with the stereotypical picture of the 'madam and her army of girls working for her', but as a mediator and coordinator in an equal setting with women who genuinely like to break their daily routine from time to time with fun, romantic and erotic adventures with courteous, respectful clients, I do have one hard demand to make: I want to work exclusively with people, with fun, romantic and erotic adventures, and with courteous, respectable clients.

The greatest satisfaction I get from this work is the long letters of thanks we receive from some of our clients expressing their deepest gratitude for our time, attention and patience before their unforgettable and sometimes even touching meeting, and what made 'her' so special and perfect for him. There are few things that make me happier than other people see happy (okay, I am also very happy with puppies and kittens), and I sincerely hope that in the coming years we will still be able to be witnesses of this regularly.



My name is Les and together with Nancy I am co-founder of Secret Agents. Originally I am a nerd and manager. Before I started working as a Secret Agent, I was a search behaviour analyst and conversion optimization consultant, and I set up and managed the European client services team for Google's European advertisers and partners. And yes, in the past I have also been a DJ and producer....

Despite the pleasure and success I had in my Google time, at one point it also felt a bit like I was alive. wasAdmittedly, it wasn't a punishment to be able to get to the office around 10:00 a.m., but the only reason I got away with it was because I stayed there for 12 hours a day, and then continued to work at home. And during dinners with family, and during holidays, and on both the way there and back on the plane. So you could indeed say that I am a workaholic, but that's when I met Nancy. My world changed.

Nancy is a master (or should I say mistressMy father grew up during the Second World War, inheriting a kind of survival mentality: studying, working and building up as many financial reserves as possible as quickly as possible, but Nancy taught me why life doesn't always have to be about maximizing productivity, analysis, prognoses and results. the more time I spent with her, the more I learned that work really is... with pleasure can be combined, in the absence of As she made steps towards launching her first high-class escort agency, I noticed that at a certain point she was encountering some essential aspects of business, which I happened to have some expertise and experience, and that her working day was beginning to shift more and more towards the evening and night, up to the point where her day started when I went to bed, and vice versa. We were living completely side-by-side, and at that point I decided: "We're taking the chance". I told my wife and I told her that I'd like to take the chance.

In the meantime we are more than five years further on. Luckily I still haven't had to make that step back ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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