2022 starts with a first: High Class Escort Twins Miley & Skye

The ultimate fantasy, now closer than ever

Dear Nancy and Les,

We are Miley & Skye, both 29 years old, living in Amsterdam, and are identical twins.  

We like to sign up at the same time, and introduce ourselves separately. We are very connected, also in intimacy, and envision that we can of course be booked separately, but are also open to being booked together, should that be a wish from your clients.

With these words began Miley & Skye's cover letter, which we began reading with disbelief in late November 2021. The further we read, the more it seemed too good to be true and the more questions came to mind. Is this real? And if so, would this be legal? And of course: Do their looks also fit the criteria of our clientele? After a long, detailed introduction and motivation of both sisters, we arrived at their photos. There we saw not only their unique beauty but also elegance, purity, sympathy, seduction and individuality. And that for identical twins! Slowly we began to realize that we actually had "something" very beautiful and special. One of the most common fantasies that due to scarcity the least could suddenly be within reach. That is, if it turns out to be as beautiful as it seems...



High class escort twin Amsterdam The Hague Rotterdam
Miley & Skye

After a brief introductory chat via video link, we arranged to meet for our follow-up interview, and discovered that Miley & Skye are not only beautiful, intelligent and sensual identical twins in the flesh, but so much more than that. They are so disarming, open and warm, that somehow after just a few minutes it seemed like we had known each other for years. What was actually meant to be a job interview went in all directions at one point. Before we knew it, three hours had passed and we were late for dinner. But it was worth it, because what a phenomenon crossed our path! Miley & Skye are obviously a unit, but even apart from their twins, they turned out to be incredibly sociable, easy-going, playful, enthusiastic, intellectual and above all fascinating. Not least because these special sisters, despite being completely inexperienced in the field of escort, already have quite significant experience in various special forms of eroticism, and as they themselves put it so nicely: a wide range of sexual expression have. Professionally, they guide people on an individual level as well as in groups in getting to know themselves and discovering their own sensuality and sexuality (Conscious Touch, Sexual Positivity and Intimate Roleplay), in which however they only have a coaching role and do not participate themselves. In addition, however, in their private lives they also have a fairly extensive erotic CV, including Tantra, Conscious Kink, Age Play and other role plays, Bondage and BDSM in both roles and in various gradations. The contrast between the well-behaved, almost chaste impression they exude at first glance and the sexual energy that lurks beneath the surface with them is almost impossible to grasp, let alone describe. We can't wait to make history with these unicorns, and to experience from the feedback of our Insiders (who have the exclusive privilege of booking Miley & Skye first) how these two surprises of 2022 will turn out as Secret Agents...

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